Balancing is trash, game is unplayable

Joined this skirmish. Fury warrior (me) + sub rogue.
Opponent = a single player. Guardian druid. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I pop everything that can be popped. Rogue pops everything and hits 100k echoing reprimand, 50k eviscerate and shadow blades, 50k gloomblade, the druid has 8 stacks of healing reduction from me.
He lives through everything, casually. Proceeds to do 16k overall dps and kills us both eventually. 40k Moonfire crits instant spam, 40k mauls and trash, + some other passive damage that eats us away in less then 30 seconds.
The so cried about"fury warrior healing" and damage didn’t help at all.
The so cried about “sub rogue burst” didn’t help at all.

Imagine if you met this guys in a 2v2, paired with a healer or maybe another guardian druid, why not.
Will be a fun season !

BETTER NERF UHNOLY DK more. :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:


need nerf rog assa + sub dh BIG NERF and guardian

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And fury + rogue selfheal


Obviously fury and rogue need a SELFHEAL BUFF if we can’t survive being killed by a single tank, right?
What would be a reasonable selfheal level? surviving a healer for 30 seconds? surviving a simple mob? Just curious.

Would love to see the damage breakdown from this game and seeing how much of the Guardian’s damage was Rage of the Sleeper.

It was huge, 350k and 20% overall. What’s your point?

Do you even know what Rage of the Sleeper does?

Are you defending Guardian Druids damage and survivability, Clownfromwish? As expected. don’t reply please.

All I’m seeing is 2 monkeys popped all their damage into an ability that reflects a ton of it back to them and now they’re crying that they died.

L2P issue. Kudos for being so shameless to admit that you got 1v’2d as well.


Exactly this. You expected easy win and PvEd into a 1 minute 10 sec duration CD without a thought.

I say well deserved loss.


It seems there are actually people around who just blow their entire burst into you and don’t care about your active stuff. Might dust off the good ol’ counterstrike totem.^^


Wasn’t that about classic?

It was 2v1 you monkey, like I already said. Seems you also lack reading skills.
Yes the rogue popped everything into it, and OFC i had to, we had no other window to kill except both pumping at the same time. I was still with 90% hp after the burst, when rogue was at 10% and died shortly after. He never dropped below 50% anyway, so probably would have lived regardless.
But all this discussion about what to do when he uses Rage of the sleeper is pointless, you do realise that he can pop that ability every single time we burst. My burst is ALL on 1.5 minute, outside of it he can heal it while we can’t outheal him. Our literally only chance was to go all out with cds regardless of what he presses, because the rogue would not survive that long after. And guess what, 1 min later he would have that ability back, perfectly lining with our burst again, not to mention Thorns, 5 other defensives, passive shield from trash, moonfire doing 40k crits.
Would love to see how you :clown_face: would deal with it. On a meele. With no voice comm. Sit down now.

No clown classic character. I expect fair balancing in PvE. Your peanut classic paladin brain probably doesn’t even understand the Retail version of wow enough to comment on it.

Again, should we jump around him with cds up and wait for the slow and sure death? Good plan sir. Here, take a cake :brain:

No you didn’t, because you did it into a 10? second reflect. Imagine if your Warrior had a 10 second reflect and a Warlock was crying that it killed them, you’d tell them to shut up and l2p. Same applies to you. Though I forget, Fury Warrior brain so you have the benefit of the doubt.

Absolute nonsense.

Because you popped all of your offensives into defensives.

Then maybe, just maybe, don’t burst at the same time? :rofl:

Do you even Slaughterhouse, bro?

Because you both played like donkeys and rightly lost. This is case #395969302 of bad players crying for being bad.

I’ve played no comms up to ratings you can only have wet dreams about. There’s a thing called /s where you can discuss your opener in less than 20 seconds.



No you didn’t. You don’t have probably 20% of my xp. I can trash you on any class amd any moment in the day, because you are simply bad at this game. Stay mad, stay salty, loser.
Also, stop skipping school, they teach you how to read there, kid.

Also, blocked. So dont bother.

Yes, your 1700 max 2v2 and 1500 max 3v3, compared to my 2.5 2s and 2.9 3s. I’m not great at maths, anyone know the percentage difference?

If you can trash me on any class, feel free to message me in game and prove it?

Just realised that you’re Soulcraft as well, the space goat that thinks his pre patch solo shuffle rating was an accurate representation of skill. Funny guy.


Better nerf evoker damage more.

all tanks needed to be gutted
I’ve heard prot pal is even worse than guardian

IDK about arena but I’ve seen a guardian druid survived almost 30seconds under 6+ man siege in random BG, then I didn’t bother and mounted away
This crap is broken as hell


They don’t need to gut tanks they just need to change talents so only certain talents work in pvp/pve that way pve tanks won’t get affected by nerfs vice versa.
Give it a heal in PVE and maybe something utility in PVP with no healing.