Balancing is trash, game is unplayable

That’s nothing. I’ve not only seen guardians surviving against 6-8 people for prolonged periods of time ( not just “15 seconds of defensives”), but also saw one in Ashran who had TOP KILLS, TOP DAMAGE AND TOP HEALING. If I remember correctly, he had somewhere around 25 kills, and zero deaths.
Guess all of us didn’t know just to not burst into his defensives. Maybe lay down and accept our fate?


Sir, we are in an arena forum.

My bad, I thought I clicked PVP instead of Arena

if it was the unnerfed version yes.
Unnerfed cs totem was very similar to rage of the sleeper till they completely trashed the totem that only does minor dmg now and is not worth it at all.
rage of the sleeper literally kills you.
I killed myself with double tap rapid fire because I didn’t know that it reflects dmg lolz

Well guardian druids flying under radars since SL. They were this tanky in pvp since forever, people complained, nothing was done…ohh I mean they nerfed DKs trololol….

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Time to play guardian druid.

Hello, I am a mage and this thread applies to my life.

I had damage once, before the war… then only the last vestiges of arcane remain. Now all I have is a scar and a prosthetic leg. I replaced that leg with a noodle painted with sharks teeth so I can occasionaly scare lower geared players in random battlegrounds.


nerfing DK seems to be either an inside joke amongst the developers or a troll with the players they beta test with

either way DK always lose to the nerf bat
for every dk nerf theres a new rogue , or dh or Guardian

  • Suffer well brothers ,(i leveled a hunter btw)
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imagine crying about heal nerfs and than reroll the class with basically no heal that flops as soon as someone looks at it.
dont think you will have a good time on hunter lol

ive been playing hunter for years, long live RANGED SV spec

and to answer your statement, yes hunters have 1 heal, its pretty bad, but atleast i can be toxic as hell to those evokers :wink:

Popping CDs into 1 defensive (1 minute CD) out of how many defensives bear has? honestly, could you be anymore of a trollop. Defending Guardians in the current state is literally clown face in itself. Not only that, you do realise we can pop sleeper AFTER the other team pops their CDS, which are typically NOT 1 minute.

I get you play Spriest which has absolutely 0 issues VS guardian, but defending bear is a whole new level of stupid. See you in a week when a tank is part of the fricken meta.

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40k maul and moonfires?? Lol no… not even with 30% pvp DMG buff pots

You are missing the point. As usual when it comes to PvP conversations, Nancy. How many other defensives REFLECT the damage? He’s complaining about being killed by a defensive which they spammed damage into and died from. As he said, RoTS did 300k + damage in that game. It’s an L2P issue.

Ironic. Imagine sticking up for monkeys that are crying about their 0 awareness. Actually, monkeys probably would have learned quicker.

I don’t remember ever saying Guardian is fine. Could you please point me to where I said it was? Otherwise you owe me an apology for making a false inference.

Fantastic! You know what you do next? No? You stop attacking and CC and/or kite instead :slight_smile:

I could play any class or spec in the game and have zero issues with the mechanics of its abilities.

Not defended it. I called out bad players for being bad after crying about their L2P issues.

Again, this clown is moving the goalpost. First he said the reason we couldn’t win is we bursted during defs. Then he said we can win without bursting at all (??). Then he said a meele can solo kill a guardian.
Now he says the reflected damage killed us ( which didn’t happen, we got killed by the other 80% of his damage).
He then throws L2P around every other time, because he is a trash player, and he has zero arguments about anything, as he himself doesn’t understand how any of this works.
If you check his entire posting history on this forums, he always defends Guardian druid by replying: Rage of the sleeper.
Absolute :orangutan::orangutan::orangutan:.

Bursted during the defensive that reflects the damage done you absolute donkey.

Still waiting for that ‘trashing on any class’ you said you’ll give.

You took 300k + damage from Rage of the Sleeper. Donkey.

I love how during prepatch you, as a 1500 player were saying that your solo shuffle rating was an accurate reflection of your skill. Now, as predicted, you are already making excuses for your incompetence, but this time it’s before the season has even started LOL.

I tell ya, I can’t wait to laugh when I see you’re swimming in the sewers.

Pls nerf Damage people are dying wtf, buff selfhealing from all specc
Its a game for 12 year old nobady should win with a kill

It was so fun in epic bgs, in particular because it worked through walls so would go to the av mini boss bunker with 2 other shaman buddies drop our totem on the other side of the wall run in and watch the raid murder eachother.

maybe log into wow and play the game then?
If you did, you would see not only 40k mauls, but 70k ones? Got plenty of screenshots.
How about 45k moonfires spam on full pvp geared players from Guardian TANK druid?
Just because you have no clue about it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

I can’t wait for the season to launch, so I can drink your salty tears as I crush you and completely destroy your rating and self esteem. You forum lamenting and anguish will be a testament of your complete obliteration. You will probably just delete your account and move to another game, anyway. Now go, cope harder, only 5 days left. I will be waiting, you lil pumpkin. BTW: Maybe you can go buy some PvP skills from Wish, it can ship in time for the start of the season.
It will still not save you from your fate.

Good luck getting that first 2k achievement pal, I believe in you.

I got that 2k achiev back in 2008 when you weren’t in school yet. Solid try.
GL on getting the elite set at 1800 this season pal. Heard it will be a real struggle.