Banned for protecting yourself?

look, today, i re-enabled the chat, because i was playing with friend and they were talking in /p

in a soloshuffle, we lose a sp mage vs dh lock, and i said “we couldve won that, if we stopped tyring to win by dampening…” and the guys said, bad cuz bad lolololol

then, he won the next round (as it turns our we all ended 3/3 and healers went 6/0 vs 0/6, the games were a total healgap, so its w/e
but he wishpered me smiley faces and stuff, provoking

so i answered “id 1v3 u clown”

5 minutes, i get a behaviour warning already.

this is what i mean, i had the chat disabled for DAYS, literal DAYS. almost a week without opening chat, first 2 words i say

warning your account may get suspended

this is all a joke, this system ism busted, and at this point nobody is going to interact with anybody, because there is siomply no reason to.

if tomorrow im banned, is because of this “you are a clown”

because as of now, im disabling the chat again.

anyone looking for enchant or engineering, or portals, he can forget me, im disabling chat and never interacting with this terrible community.

edit: a friend of mine recently got his account silenced for 1 week, because one guy was insulting everyone in /s and he said to “s-t-f-u” and now, u get an authomated rpeort window for everyone who has seen the message basically, and he is silenced and appealing, the guy, has made a living out of fighting toxcicity, unlike me

im toxic, and im restraining myuself with words like “silly” or “bad” and i still get suspended
meanwhile my friend, has alwqays foguth against toxcicity, but because of this once incident his account is silenced for 1 week ? okay i guess

when nobody will ever speak a single word except for discord and friendlist, we will have a perfectly safe enviroment for the snowflakes who cannot take ANYTHING in chat without threatening momma blizz to uninstall the game or worse

word part is, even typo can get you banned, tried it a few times, if i speak in italian and i say “hellfire penìsola” has a swear word inside, and it will trigger the systemn, and people will get a message saying thats offensive and i can be reported without actually them right clickign and pressing report, literally just a window popping on their screen, crazy.
now i gotta chekc if it lets me post this without blocking it or censor, becaquse thats the kind of enviroment we have rn.

edit, ye it doesn’t let me post it exactly for that word. amazing.

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his sweating now after that treatment

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So you name call someone and get mad you got a warning? x_X
Can there somehow be a better word to use there? :thinking:

As usual. Someone baits you, you take the bait, you name call him, he reports, you get warning, big mad couz he used the system. :person_shrugging:

I havent gotten a single report popup on ppl and ive seen ppl write far worse lol.
And if thats all he said, he can just appeal it and get it lifted.

So you went from “clown” to now “silly” and “bad”?

Ive been freely writing without getting a warning? Maybe im just not that kind of toxic as some players believe is mandatory in WoW otherwise you wont enjoy the game.
And ive said some bad words, I just dont go the extreme or let ppl randomly bait me into writing worse.

I wrote that word between my 2 accounts, didnt get a single report button popup. Part of it is censored yes and if its something you got “suspended” for then thats also an easily done appeal if its the actual italian word for it. Just explain its the word, done.

I understand you want to be toxic and expect toxicity back because thats how WoW was before. Times change, some can adapt while some will live in the past and wont be able to change.

So as usual, you either live with the rules or you get punished. Simple.
If you cannot live with the rules, then the option to disable chat is there. :+1:

w/e man, if you don’t see any problem in someone getting banned over that, u r part of what id consider the problem, but please, lets wait until “hi” gets u banned :wink:

I dont care, thats the thing. I try to follow the rules, if I get punished I get punished. I dont get mad if I knowingly do it.

Im the problem because Id rather follow the rules than live in the history of toxicity.
You could get away with it before because blizz didnt care about it even when they already had rules before this about it.
Then they added the social contract that should have made you understand that from now on they will act on said rules.
You break the rules and because you still live in the past, you get mad and call people the problem because you cannot follow it.

People like you always exaggerate. Which is quite clear with this comment:

So goodluck I guess?

legit bro just never chat xd its not worth anymore.

its gonna kill the game, but we have to wait 10 years to say “told you so” to the snowflaky fake polite people who want to play a singleplayer game as mmorpg.


can i have ur btag :D?


goign to bed tho

i know this is sounds silly , but in solo shuffle last thing you want is giving feedback improvement to teammate , example lets say im healer and my druid in team is good at damage rotation but noob in term of using / spamming cyclone on healer

sure i could tell him now on my team and we win this round , but im shooting myself in the foot in next round when shuffles happen and he end up being on enemy team and spam cyclone me instead xD


one thing that needs to be removed from the game is that hidden report function that appears for others if you say a swear word its not healthy for the game its an mmo where it should be possible to be social but the current function promotes anti-social behaviour ie disable chat / never talk to anyone
it begins to resemble certain ideologies to the far right/left.


Not allowed to be toxic = not healthy for the game and disturbs some peoples way of communication since thats all they have. :thinking:

Some parts might be abit of a stretch in terms of “should he be muted from this or not”.
But alot of people say “I only said this one word” when in general it was more. Context also matters.

Only part I do however agree with, is that the “popup report” shouldnt exist. If people get offended by something, they should manually right click and report. Giving a popup is just screaming “report now”.

Toxicity is one of the issues with WoW if you want new players to feel “welcome”.
Toxic people who complain they cant be toxic freely anymore might want to find another hobby.

there is no communication in this game. Stop using “toxicity” what it essentially means is something YOU dont agree with because your a rules andy, many new players i talk to feel wow is completely empty because of sharding and no one talks in general this is not welcoming for anyone.
why are you even gaming wow if you cant handle people using swear words lol are you 8 years old.
toxicity in games will always be a thing and new players just have to deal with like all of us have instead of this report behaviour that does nothing but kill the social aspect of the game in the long run.

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If you can’t handle what people say in this game that is on you. People should be allowed to say what they want. Those that say inappropriate things will get a reputation and be blacklisted by most players anyway. We do not need big brother watching over us.

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Oh man, theres many who want the excuse to say anything huh D:

Atleast you want the excuse of wanting to behave like an idiot flaunting around trashing ppl. :person_shrugging:
But thats also the only thing some people can do! Understandable!

I would also say: Why do you feel the need to say certain words? What are you? 8 years old? That works both ways.
I already said I personally dont care but I also see a reason why its implemented. Certain people who cant handle not being able to talk down on people and trash them wouldnt understand.

So social aspect of the game means you have to be toxic. :+1:

I wouldnt rly care if they removed the rules alltogether and made WoW free for all. But certain people cannot understand its not healthy to trash ppl either while their entire life is based on doing it. I understand that some people want the option to whisper people and tell them how bad they are, trash them, troll them and more because they feel happy and fullfilled by doing it and excuse it as being “social”.

The only thing I would change is how easy people apparently get banned/muted. There should be a line between “banter” and “outright wanting to cause harm” but that would mean them actually reading context and not just “simple words”.

i dont need to trash people but at this point if i make a chat post in general about anything with ultra safe unicorn words the chance i’ll get reported anyway is incredibly high and this applies to any chat channel really.

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Kinda why in the end I made this comment:

I understand that ppl want to be able to “banter” and I dont generally see issues with common swear words (personally).
But there are people who are saying, quite extreme words, wanting ppl to kill themselves and more that I see issues with and want ppl to get punished for.

People being afraid to get reported isnt something that should be aimed for and there are def some people who are abusing the system.
But there are also people who defend their actions by downplaying what they said when it was alot worse. Theres alot of that happening.

But theres a big difference between “banter” and trashing someone if you understand the context. I highly doubt the ppl who read the reports actually look into it.

X says something to Y.
Y answers something back to X.
X reports Y for what was said.

My point is I highly doubt they look into what X said that caused Y to respond. And if it was back and forth it should offset and report just simply deleted since both were into it unless something extreme was said.

never talk in any pvp enviroment unless it is with your bnet and in party chat, i say anything i want with people i know and they do the same, were not snowflakes but u cant speak plainly or even say anything anymore in pvp settings because people are salty for some reason x and just report out of spite, it doesnt matter what it is they report on it as its clickable as report for language and everything leaves room for interpretation and its much harder to get suspension removed than it is to get someone suspended with false reports

all of this is counterintuitive for an mmo for obvious reasons ofc

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someone just whispered me in game “not going to lie i dont even know how to play this but i will try” using slang for the “not gonna lie” which is common term used to shorten it and i got warning from blizzard asking if i want to see his msg and then i got box to click report if i want :joy:

this system is a joke? never seen this before it must be some experiment for worst system ever in mmo, what is this? its as annoying as the automated cameras beside road where everyone just slow little and then continue normal, i mean i just talk normal with any of my friends

big supprise normal people talk plain when they dont need to be politically correct and who cares if some is offended by words i suggest they do something about it themselves

average age of wow player is something over 30, wow playerbase is aging with the game, nobody is 14 year old here that needs all these protective measures :joy:

this will happen even if a guildie whispers “hey man this lobby was ai*s in soloshuffle” even a report option will show for a guildie ofc replace the * with d …
just whispering casually with my guildmaster i got the option to report him 6 times
cant leave this system as is xd