<Based> 8/10 Norm SoD Small, casual/social guild with once a week raid

About us

Based [10/10HC Nath, 8/10 SoD norm] is a small, community driven guild: founded in the Shadowlands by a group of veteran and new players alike. We wanted to play in an environment free of the Epic Gamer Moments, shouty raid leaders fumbling through AOTC, and the discriminatory language (and ‘jokes’) that are often so widespread and accepted in gaming communities.
It was formed by members who have seen their fair share of hardcore raids, and now raid somewhat casually on a once a week basis. Real life comes first!


Many of our members have played at a high end in the past, and now play the game with a much lower time commitment but still clear the content. We raid once a week on a Wednesday night, 21:00-00:00 server time with our goal being AOTC every tier and dipping our toes into Mythic bosses where we can.
Currently looking for a handful of DPS players to fill out our roster for Sanctum of Domination.

We believe in taking the player, not the class, and all new members are welcome to trial with us via a cross realm raid if they wish to join us from another server.

Non Raid

Aside from raiding we have alternating Mythic+ and RBG nights on fridays or “Friday Night Fight”, if you will (and oh we will).
We have a core group of people spanning EU and US, who all get on incredibly well both in-game and out. We always welcome more like-minded people to join this community.

All players will gladly be accepted provided you match our ethos: we have a strict zero tolerance for intolerance policy, and pride ourselves on our inclusivity and diversity.
For posterity, we stream our raids every week: if you want to get a taste for how we enjoy the game, you are welcome to drop in.

Contact us

Discord: Kaycoo#9527 or Bnet: Kaycoo#2908 (US Timezone)
Discord: Nayruna#7824 or Bnet: Nayruna#2102 (UK Timezone)

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If you’re looking for a new guild definitely check these guys out. I used to be In a guild with a bunch of them and still run m+ with them from time to time. They are good people and good players

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Still open and looking for DPS, socials always welcome <3

hi im a dps an looking to raid an do mythic plus key i done 5/10 hc SoD message on battlenet darklord#2753 or discord soulflame#2454

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