Bastion and the Night Warrior

The Path of Totality - Retrace the memories of Caregiver Selenis and her path to becoming a Night Warrior.


Oh boy, this is going to be one hell of an expansion, isn’t it? We’ll be begging for BfA in no time.

Spend your life devoted to Elune? BAM, Blue Human.

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…I’m not sure what one is supposed to be outraged about, could you be a bit more specific? The idea that a Night Warrior could after death be judged to have a service-oriented kyrian mindset?

Instead of… what exactly? Would you have been happier with a faun loa tender?


Oh gee Windbat, I don’t know.

I am sure Night Elf players will have a measured response to this revelation.


Well, we find out more about Elune in this xpac. I don’t understand the problem that the Night Elves also need to go to a covenant like every mortal human being?


Well, that makes two of us. Good thing we talked about it.

Where is this from?

One of the WoWhead blanket datamining things for scenarios.


Found it on MMOC too, just search the term.

I see. Well there is the kaldorei belief that the Night Warrior takes the souls of fallen night elves to the stars.

Well that’s clearly a lie. Even Ysera, who was lifted up and became a constellation by Elune herself, is now in the Maw.

From Night Warrior to innkeeper… quite an “ascension”, indeed.


clearly the darkside of elune grants the ability to run a inn it sure wasen’t the ability to slay a meme ranger

Fits right in(n) with that Lightforged innkeeper.

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Obviously Night Warriors should go to Maldraxxus. They clearly have an eternal warrior’s spirit and should spend their afterlife as a zombie fighting other zombie warlords. An unburdened afterlife, after scrificing everything!!! for their people? Preposterous!

Ideally, they’d go to Elunes own little pocket dimension down in the Shadowlands. Being a living embodiment of one of her aspects and catalyst for her power does sound like good qualification and we still got real estate up in the sky for another constellation.

Though we might learn that Elune was a sham spread by a human called Thomas Cruise and that’s why her devoted actually end up elsewhere.


Wouldn’t the nelven base assumption be that Elune created the Shadowlands? I mean… one little pocket realm among many would make her a much smaller player, wouldn’t it?

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Or maybe Elune does not like elfs who do that Dark ritual? That is why she did not took Caregiver Selenis soul to the stars?

We still need to see that scenario. Maybe in the end Caregiver Selenis will kill many civilians or something like that.

Making Elune create the Shadowlands in its entirety would be an “out”, I guess, but I’m not sure on the odds of that.

Certainly, if it is not true and she’s just one of many players, then not having her own realm portrays her as even lower than Bwonsamdi, who does have one.

On the other hand, if she does have her own realm but her most chosen souls go elsewhere, that doesn’t portray her in a very good light either.

We’ll have to see. But until then, I shall hold onto my Thomas Cruise idea.

Not only Elune, but the Light also could save the souls from Shadowlands.

  • Torghast has Proven a Massive Positive.
  • Classes have More abilities. and People overall Atleast happier then they are with their BFA classes
  • Levelling experience improved Massively.
  • Less Forced content.
  • More optional Content
  • No titanforging/Corruption on armour.
  • Less time forced into gameplay we dont want to participate in.
  • Larger focus on Class identity.

why in gods name would we want BFA Back comparitively? lmfao… these are all massive improvements on BFAs concepts.

theres some Class/Specc specific Critism. but overall im sorry but SL does look better… (providing the execution is not Dogsh*t)