Battle for RNG

Might as well re name the expansion at this point.

After 1000’s of pearls and only one benthic piece with socket that I need…

Weeks of getting useless boots from mythic chest, only to get a ring this week for TANK SPEC…when I selected my DPS SPEC…and then buy a random TR 450 Aze gear and get no traits that I can use on either spec…

RIP GG, I officially hate the loot system in this expansion of slot machine lottery, I also hate benthic.

Lost any interest in gearing at all at this point. It’s just a joke. Doesn’t even make any sense and then you have benthic which just throws everything upside down on raid gearing…never mind getting the azerite traits you need for dual specs or aoe/single target…

wtf you smoking blizz. How people farm this crap for alts I will never understand how you have the patience for it…


I don’t have the patience for doing endless M+, i used all that up in the seasonals in Diablo3 greater rift runs, not going to repeat that in wow as well.

As for getting gears for tank spec while loot spec set to dps and vice versa on my tanks, not a surprise anymore and i’m not even letting it disappoint me anymore because i expect it to happen.

Just sometimes, also on alts, i get nice stuff, i guess that’s a controlled dopamine shot, got nothing to do with RNG anymore imo.

Except for my warlock, 1 disappointment after an other with the gear drops, no one would keep on playing that char.

As for alts, when i play on them, i spend the whole day or the time of that day i have on that alt, don’t look or think of other chars.

Currently i’m having my vacation, i don’t play as much wow as i used to do during vacations. Sadly, this is the way it goes and if this continues, it’s not going to end well.

Just to let you guys know there are no “tank spec”, or “dps spec” or whatever spec specific gear other than trinkets. And possibly weapons if the different specs use different ones (e.g. a BDK will be eligible for 2-handers and FDK will be eligible for 1-handers). Everything else is not spec specific.

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