Battle Net Launcher - Error Loading News?

So this really wasn’t a problem a few days ago, nor have I done anything that should make my launcher act oddly. But whenever I’ve opened It today, It won’t load the news at all, I have to click the “Shop” Tab first, then log Into the shop for the reason.

Then when I refresh, It works. Why Is that? It’s never been like that before.


Same problem here.

Same, amongst a few other issues related to authenticator.

Have the same issue, ever since resent server restart. I’m logged into the Bnet app, but apparently not the Shop part anymore and it keeps kicking me out. As others have said, the News part doesn’t load unless you sign into the shop. :thinking:


Same here with polish version. Every App launch I must log in to the Shop then back to the News section.


Same problem here , I am in UAE


the past few weeks i’ve been disconnected from, having to log in again, one time it even told me my password was wrong (it wasnt) and all the while the news section never works either, even clicking “reload” doesnt work, “we’re having difficulty retrieving content from our servers. please try again with the button below” which is the reload button.

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Same here, did the option Sothak said and then it works. I suspect it has something to do with Bill Gates, he requires you to log in again to the shop so he can take even more money, lol


same. just wanted to check what is going on. if they don’t care, neither do i.

I’ve also been getting the “Something went wrong. We’re having difficulty retrieving content from our servers. Please try again with the button below” message on the launcher for several days now. None of the content loads. If I go to the shop and log in it reappears again, but when I close and re-open the launcher it’s logged me out again.

Hey Folks,

We’re currently looking into this. Logging out from the application and re-logging in manually does work around this but it is only temporary. Hopefully we’ll see this resolved soon enough. Sadly, we don’t have an ETA which we can share yet.

Thanks for your understanding.

Do you think this issue could be linked to the authentication one where we can’t log wow from the .exe file?