Battle pass is what the pvp community needs


After the announcement of a battle pass , similar to Dota 2 and Fortnite. To help with E-sports and the prize pool.

I was thinking this maybe the best idea , to revitalize WoW pvp.

Queues are getting longer , people doing arenas is shrinking. RBG , well i find it almost impossible to find anyone wanting to do one.

People accusing Blizz of not having carrot on a stick system anymore in PVP. As gear earned outside of it is usually better. The battle pass would be that carrot.

Imagine the challenges , it could turn battlegrounds into something fun. With wacky challenges and some easier ones. Challenges like a weekly kill 500 players in the fields of Strife in AV for example , it would stop everyone running opposite sides and just tower / bunker rushing.

kill 50 scummy rogues daily challenge etc , you get my point.

This could give pvpers a reason to Queue up again. Cosmetic rewards only maybe , but there would be some glory and prestige feeling earnt by the players.

For those who say no microtransaction in WoW , we’ve had them in WoW for over 8 years now. Wake up and smell the coffee , they are optional. Let players have the options.

(Seråph) #2

no to transactions but yes to the PVP objectives

would make the games a lot more fun

(Søssky) #3

I like the idea, but you know, they could just implement something like this and not charge you RL money for it.

(Nefaryas) #4

What do you class as microtransactions? I mean I play a game where I can buy tickets to carry on or wait for my tickets to refill, the cost to purchase tickets goes from 60p for 3 to £27 for 60 that’s a microtransactions (a small transaction for progression) all I see in the blizzard shop is £20 mounts (no progression and not really micro) £60 for a lvl boost (definitely not micro) and a few cosmetics or services that are far from being micro or anything to do with progression so I am truly confused by the “WoW already has microtransactions” argument.

(Dejarous) #5

So now we need to pay for a bolt on so we can be told to kill 10 rogues or people in the field of strife?

Get lost please.


ban addons and macros in pvp, youd instantly get half of the wow population doing pvp for cosmetic rewards

(Madorin) #7

I would be fine with a battle pass if you could buy it directly for gold, like 100 to 200k, with an added option to buy it with irl money for the people who don’t have the gold.

(Destruct) #8

Know what why not no more patches? We only get patches if we buy enough in the shop or they have enough income of an battle pass! Wait a minute, I already pay a monthly subscription!

(Punyelf) #9

Have they actually announced a battle pass. I have literally seen one blizzard annoucement about toys.

I understood the battle pass was pure speculation from certain streamers/youtubers/constant wow bashers.

(Søssky) #10

Yeah, but why pay a subscription when you can pay a Subscription Plus™?

We are delighted to inform you that with our new Subscription Plus™ we have removed items from the game so you can buy them separate! It’s fun for everyone involved

(Someoneelse) #11

That makes sense. I was looking for this and found nothing.

(Oldmangeorge) #12

Objectives are nice to have but why the f should there be a paid in a battle pas in a game for wich we pay for the base game, the current expansion and subscription. And then there also is the optional shop stuff. There is no need for a battlepass to increase the prize pool because people already pay more for wow than any other game. Also wow is is not a popular esport game unlike mobas or battle royale games. Nobody is going to watch some people press some standard rotation and standard team set up in some arena

(Lightness) #14

Ohey a Fortnite fam? Great😴

(Jurgenhan) #15

Queues are longer on the horde side because there are 3 times as many players that are waiting to get into a battleground or brawl. I have found that arenas on the horde side have a short queue time.

When I am on this character, I can get into a battleground within 3 to 5 minutes, sometimes faster than that. Alliance players simply do not want to pvp.

As for rated battlegrounds, you can make your own group but you may not necessarily win. Usually the few groups I see in rated battlegrounds and arenas are preset groups of people who know each other and have a good team going already.

One way to help with queues is to reduce the #s that are required to form a team.

(Zanarius) #16

umm, as alliance its not ANY better :slight_smile: lets just say, its not ANY worth to do pvp, you need 21540812501x more effort to get 2.6k ratnig to get the same armor but with worse stat than just from mythic where you only need good guild that will do it easiliy with you

(system) #19

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