Battlegrounds are not fun

  1. Faction imbalance
  2. Gear disparity

Random BGs should be fun. You should not loose 10 in a row just because you play “wrong faction” and some 2k+ rated tryhards should NOT one shot you in RANDOM BGs. There is other rated PVP content where they can flex their pro skills.

it is unbelievable that Blizz can’t see or fix these problems. Why is faction vs faction even a thing in random BG? Just allow one queue for both factions and switch appearance to horde/alliance based on whatever side you end up with. When alliance can raid Jaina disguised as orcs, why not in BGs?
And for the gear thing, random BGs should be fun for everybody, not just those who sit in arenas 24/7 and then go boost their epeen with 30 ilvl advantage into randoms, i don’t have to be a damn game designer to understand that.


It’s fun to win 10 in a row tho.


Because I dont want to be an orc xD


Im having good fun in BGs

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Random Bgs aren’t fun vs unfair russian matches with full Gladiator Gear and min. 60k hp!!
It should stay random and not vs premade groups


Most of BG full of AFK honor leechers they ain’t fun by default. They q-d for honor grind - they don’t care about result.
Last time when i get fun in casual PvP - was Legion BGs and BFA OWPvP. SL is feels like 2-nd job - people don’t want to play, they just grind, grind and grind all over again. AFK grind honor on 2-3-5-7 chars 24/7. Plus a lot of casual PvP players left this game or at least this expansion.


This is the true problem of this game. Not the geared people entering in BG.

Ion; seems like a skill issue too me

Btw. How do you think 2.1 player can farm over 100K Honor for there upgrades
Spoiler: its not rated Arena, with way too less Honor

yeah, i was trying to have fun for 2 hours on Sunday, my day off, and the experience was absolutely miserable. Already canceled sub renewal because this game just makes me mad. How they allow this *ckery i just cannot comprehend

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after coming back into wow after 2 years i still have to wait over 1+ hours for AV
before i quit.
some things dont change
still a great game so just chill

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