BCC Season 3 PvP Updates

The same thing has been happening for the past two seasons and this season there is nothing different. It amazes me the amount of people who are “surprised” items will be available with t6 tokens or at discounted price. Pull yourselves together.

What the actual hell is wrong with you?
Me and a bud play arena on tuesday night, and suddenly, at 5 games, we can’t join any more games, and we’re not alone to be surprised.

Truly, how are you guys so unworthy?
How do you guys think this is smart? Suddenly closing a season at 10pm? Do you expect everyone to read every bluepost wth?
Man, I’m so disappointed and pissed at you guys.
Jesus, so sad, what a sad bunch you are.

When will new items be available with honor??

you had a whole week to cap lol


It was Beyønd his expectation that season would end before reset

not rly raids and stuff most ppl do cap just before reset aso due to que up for game are super qucik i justr asemble team we were about que up whne season end also its about we dont know it if i know it end before 22 i coudl esy make it

Honor gear have gotten some new changes? Bracers now cost 0 marks, and boot costs have gone up to 40 again and are undiscounted? Seems like an unintended mistake.


Every gift from Blizzard must be rained upon right?


I bought some extra offhand that now sits in the bank but may be useful later on.

I say: COOL

And on top of that it was announced yesterday. Some people just pay stupid tax.

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I’m curious about this as well
Rings cost half the honor and no marks, yet the neck cost remains the same, it can’t be right

Not sure if this is a bug. But I just went in to check if I´ve received this weeks arena points, but got nothing? Me and my mate had played 10 games and we always play just us so there shouldn´t be a rating difference issue.

Anyone else not receiving any arena points from the reset?

Hi everyone, 2 questions:

  • In hyjal there is no vengeful set for tier tokens. Do we have to wait for isle to change it?
  • No pvp season 4 off-set available yet?

Thank you for answers.

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You have to wait until 9am for ap ( I think )

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Rating is gone already so doubt there will be arena point gain at 9am. We didn’t receive APs too, 10 games, only two of us, team rating matched exactly our personal ratings.

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Strange but nice to hear that me and my mate are not the only one! Hope it will come during the day and @blizzard notice if there is a bug.

Kaivax Do you know if there is a bug regarding the Arena Points this week?

I got the exact same amount of points as normal this week…

Also why are the majority of items not discounted from S3 offset? 40 marks for something that will be dated in 1 week?

Can we please have confirmation which S3 off pieces will be unpurchaseable in s4 and which will require rating to buy?

I also didn’t get bonus points like it was stated that we would. What’s up with that?


Where should the token vendor be for Vengefull gear? the MH one is not selling it…
Also, fix points please…

We didnt got increased arena points as you guys said. I got the exact amount that i would take a week before.


The 40 marks is a bug at Blizzards side. Boots were always 20 marks, but i guess they overlooked the honor discounts when they pushed the reset in.