BCC Season 3 PvP Updates

  • Tier 6 tokens will now be exchangeable for Season 3 gear.

And whats happend with this? Where is that Vendor?

It’ll probably be on the new T6 vendor that becomes available on Wednesday.

I mean that was a guy on the ship at the sunwell isle in vanilla, but that bluepost said it will be available now. But doesnt matter, as long as its available when s4 starts :smiley:

Its about the honor gear not the arena point gear. So no refund needed.

refund marks and honor for people who bought gear at bugged prices because your communication sucks

Does anyone know if Season 2 gear can now be purchased for Honor points now Season 3 is over?

I bought Merciless Gladiator’s Gavel for honor in Area 52 this week. I did not check anything other than wepons, but I guess everything should be there.

Vendors are in Nagrand and Area 52, its more or less same price as was S1 previously, weapons and sets …

I would honestly wait a bit, at least for S4 to start (unless you are on honor cap), because I wouldnt be surprised if blizz attempted some half baked catch up fix and you will waste your currency for no reason …

Although that might be just my wishful thinking …

With all the discounts and mark cost getting removed and honor/arena points gain increase and full S3 by doing bt/mh etc. is there any chance the trinkets (specifically the epic pvp medallion coming P5) could see some reduction in price?
40k Is still a lot. Sue me if you don’t agree.

I contacted customer service, with the Question to atleast refund honor OR marks… they answered: “Wrong purchases can be exchanged in the game, so unfortunately we GMs do not intervene. You were shown how much the items cost when you bought them, and you accepted those prices. The reduction shortly afterwards is really painful, but unfortunately we can’t intervene in the situation either. :(”

This is next level scam i guess, a huge mistake by blizzard, then blaming the costumer who buyd for wrong prices like “its your own fault”.


Ye, 40k for only 25 more resi is a joke x)

Are Vindicator’s pieces getting replaced with Guardian’s, or will you still be able to buy Vindicator’s gear separately somewhere?

Try playing game? I’ve got 4600 arena points left after season ended, it is basicly 40k honor trinket for free

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