BDK looking for guilds (progress) Mythic BoD’A


Hi all,

Long-story-short: I came back into wow at the start of Legion, with a short break from end of Legion to coming back into BfA month-in within expansion. Joined in BC.

I am looking to push higher M+s, which is my sole interest, having said that - (progress) Battle of Dazar’Alor. Plain and simple PVE. Of course am looking for social/friendly guild although, inclined to do more. I am currently at 1.1k io.raider, 99th in realm as a Blood DK, only having switched as a tank for over 4-5 weeks. I also play Retribution whom I have kept is a shade through most of BfA but have made some progress on it since, although my rankings/scores are above average (I’d say) through most of legion, and (somewhat) similar in BfA 8.1 as it stands - I am therefore open to transfer realms, as Spinebreaker has gone quite for some time now. Add me in-game, on bnet otherwise Mindaugas#21579 - if your guild is in need of a tank. As well as melee DPS. In addition you can comment on here.

Thanks for your attention.

(Selan) #2

Heya Heora

I am a bit puzzled by your post, not really sure if you are solely looking for a guild to push m+ keys.

We are looking for a DK who has a good DPS offspec to main tank with our current main tank and/or swap with our current other main tank who can not fully commit to our raid nights.

Ideally we would prefer a new main tank for that position so if you are interested not just in pushing m+ keys but also raid - and are willing to come over to the bright (alliance) side as well as realm transfer, please get some more info here: [A] on Lightbringer recruiting for BoD/CoS

We are regularly doing m+ keys especially our raiders, a lot have more than just raids in their “to do list” so there is always something to do.

I have sent you a btag request just in case :slight_smile:

Have a nice evening!