BDK/UDK Looking for Late Night Guild


Greetings to all.
Currently playing on Russian realms, but wishing to find a friendly semi-hardcore late nigh guild to transfer to EU (since I live in EU and my English is excellent).
Playing on DK. 420 ilvl.
A bit on myself : mature, 35+ family man with great passion for MMO.
BT : GoldenDragon#2485


Main Character Profile :Джейсонблад

(Enyia) #3

Hi there Jason - is Alliance something you’d consider? We could for sure use a DK!

We are AnV of Frostmane, raiding 3 nights - Mon/Weds/Thurs between 22.00 - 0.00 server time, have been raiding together for almost 12 years always clearing herioc mode and early mythic.
Currently 9/9 HC 1/2M BoD, 1/2 CoS.
If we sound of interest add me: hellykins#2114
Good luck :slight_smile:


Hey Enyia, thank you for the kind offer. However I prefer to stick to Horde as for now :slight_smile: