Be Warned of "Addiction" guild

BE WARNED of guild “Addiction” aka “loot Addiction” is abusing players as numbers. Many have left guild after month of raiding with 0 items, while “elite friends” have 8+ bis epics. Dictatorship of GM and loot distribution is epicly unfair- all loot is distributed by GM to preferred person. Raid tactics are counterproductive and “cheesing”. GM keeps saying “np, he will be replaced”, while every raid day ppl are leaving and nobody seems to care. Lording over ppl, while most have raided 1 week before you in guild, is just wrong. New guildies are sitting in Trial over a month, they have “quiet loot rule” no chance of getting any reward from raids. Feelsbadman, lost 1,5 months from classic start on account of Troll guild :confused:


I played with a number of players from this guild. Everyone of them that i have played with are fair. Maybe the GM doesnt wan5 loot going to sucky players.

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Never been in the guild, but they are well known as horrible ppl. I do what I can to avoid them when making dungeons group.

Its good you warn players against them, that guild will be dead and gone soon enough.

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I have also had numerous dodgy experiences with the guild since Classic launch, mostly whilst leveling my first character in the initial rush and have done my best to avoid them ever since. My first encounter was around the mid to late 40s and I joined a Maraudon run as a healer with three members of addiction, a warrior tank, mage and hunter, initially there weren’t any issues although there was quite an air of elitism in how they spoke to myself and another pug, particularly if questions were asked or in one instance the tank massively over pulled, wiping us and whilst they didn’t directly try and lay the blame at my door were rather passive aggressive after the fact. Once Maraudon was done, I was asked if I would stay for a Zul Farrak run after, having some quests still to complete I said sure but the mage had to go afk for s brief time, I wasn’t too fussed and just wanted to get my run in, the warrior then asks if I will help in getting the mallet for Gahz’Rilla, I also didn’t have the mallet, said sure and we went on our merry way. All told after getting the mallet and waiting for the mage to come back, the hunter who had also stepped away and another member of their guild who happened to be a warlock to be ready and running all over the shop trying to get everything ready, we were approaching an hour and a half after the end of the Maraudon run. We start heading towards the dungeon and all of a sudden I’m kicked just as I reach the entrance, confused I message the group leader who was the warrior, I get no response, however I see them all outside aswell, summoning in a priest from their guild before all entering the dungeon, fair enough if you want a guild group but given the time is spent waiting and helping the warrior get his mallet, it was a scummy move and I received no response to my questions after. It does not end here however, a day or two later, mid 50s before server reset I wanted to get a few quick BRD runs in for some XP, only person advertising was the warrior I’ve mentioned, I waited to see if there were any other groups going for what I wanted but alas there weren’t. So I join the addiction group, same mage and hunter and another addiction member also present. The group gets underway, however the warrior who is tanking started to become increasingly arrogant and sloppy in their ability, trying to pull massive amounts of trash to “speed run” but the only member of the group with any capacity for proper hard hitting AoE was the mage and thus these pulls went on far too long, ooming me in some cases (I’m a paladin and that rarely happens) and we wiped once or twice because of the sloppy nature of these pulls and their inability to maintain threat. This was blamed on me, particularly for not using freedom (note, I was but its a 20 second cooldown and due to the amount of mobs pulled, he got rooted more often and faster than I could dispel) and again, because these pulls were so bad and my mana was taxed, freedom started to become costly the longer the fights went on, the concept of a man’s break was also alien to them unless it was for the mage. Needless to say after this experience Ive done my best to avoid them. It can be argued that not all members are like that and if be inclined to agree, however one final thing to note, the following day after this I was in BRD again and I received a whisper from the guy who is mainly seen recruiting for addiction on pyrewood, whether he’s the GM or not is unknown to me, but his message went along the lines of “Hey, would you like to join a server first guild and clear all the content quickly?” I thought this message overly arrogant and felt it spoke volumes for the kind of environment that was going to be fostered, I was never interested anyhow as I already had a guild, I told him this and what I received after was just shameless begging and attempts to entice me to join them, almost certainly because my choice of class and spec. There was also a similar incident with a friend of mine, who after a dungeon with some addiction members was contacted by the same fellow and they attempted to poach him, he himself being a warlock. All in all, I’ve never had a positive experience with addiction and almost anyone I’ve ever spoken to about them (because they became a meme of sorts among my regular groups due to their over confident and self entitled nature in pugs and the main recruiters shameless poaching attempts/begging) has nothing really positive to say about the Addiction tag

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