Be Warned of "Addiction" guild


BE WARNED of guild “Addiction” aka “loot Addiction” is abusing players as numbers. Many have left guild after month of raiding with 0 items, while “elite friends” have 8+ bis epics. Dictatorship of GM and loot distribution is epicly unfair- all loot is distributed by GM to preferred person. Raid tactics are counterproductive and “cheesing”. GM keeps saying “np, he will be replaced”, while every raid day ppl are leaving and nobody seems to care. Lording over ppl, while most have raided 1 week before you in guild, is just wrong. New guildies are sitting in Trial over a month, they have “quiet loot rule” no chance of getting any reward from raids. Feelsbadman, lost 1,5 months from classic start on account of Troll guild :confused:


I played with a number of players from this guild. Everyone of them that i have played with are fair. Maybe the GM doesnt wan5 loot going to sucky players.