Been scammed by dropshotta

Hello I been scammed by a hunter called dropshotta hunter horde I have screen shot I took of it.

Just took the mats that worth 100 gold and log off I do not know what I can do about this.

It is incredibly hard for me to make any gold as I am a holy priest as well.

So 100 gold is a lot for me.

Name of my priest is taoism

You can make a ticket with the information of the player name who scammed you, what the scam was about and attach the screenshot. You should remove the name of the player from your forum post here as it is naming and shaming and can cause problems for you. I am very sorry to hear you lost this gold, sadly you are not on my realm or I would give it to you, i know how hard it is on a new player to get to gold. Good luck, hopefully someone on your realm can help you!!!

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Did you ever get a resolution?

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