Being a new player is painful

I recently got a friend to start playing and to get him into the game took over 4 hours.

What in the actual &&&&& Blizzard. This isn’t fun. Most games you can just log into and start playing and I get it that this isn’t specifically that kind of game, but you have so much locked behind of a bunch of nonsense that cannot be skipped.

There are people who start playing this game with established players and do not need your training wheels… Where are the options to skip this for those folks.

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Just for interest, what do you mean “into the game”, and where was he at after 4 hours?

Did it take him 4 hours to get through Exile’s Reach? Can’t have.

New playes come in all forms. Some have never played anything like an MMO before. Some are established gamers, and just want directions to the optimised routes.

Exiles reach shouldn’t be a requirement. If people want to purchase the game and start playing and figure it out as they go ( like the rest of us did) then why lock it behind this absolute crap.


Right. I agree on that.

I think Blizzard could reasonably suggest to new players that they go through Exile’s Reach first, and then suggest that they play through BfA. However, the forcing of both has caused problems for people. We’ve seen that here in this forum.


Sorry to hear your friend had a frustrating first experience, Pharien. Exile’s Reach is intended to introduce the basics of the game in a fun an interactive way and chances are you’d be spending the same amount of time or more answering questions about the same fundamentals from a new player that didn’t get to do it.

No doubt your friend is likely to have more questions, though hopefully they’ve got a solid base to build on from here and they’re lucky to have you there to guide them on the start of their journey.


You guys need to talk to the devs and make 2 Sets 1 honor 1 conquest and Not ipgradeable for pvp ty.

Agree, my 18 year old son faced the same issue. He has watched us play WoW since he was 3 years old, and played on and off through us, and when he finally got his own account, he got locked into all sort of crap he didn’t need. He also missed out on leveling through the expansion he wanted to level through, which was Mists of Pandaria(he has played that before), and got forced into BFA. He hated the BFA leveling and quit. Not logged on since, and this was roughly a year ago. Can’t really see him ever giving it a chance again either, because he wanted to play the game for the leveling experience on top of it, but seeing the leveling pace he just asked me what the point was, as “The leveling IS the game, I don’t care for your endgame crap”(he really doesn’t want to do dungeons or raids). He just wants to progress his character through leveling, and felt the game had nothing left of what he remembered it as, and expected from it.

My son is a gamer btw, and plays plenty of other games.

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