Being cut off by a Game Master


So i had an issue where i was doing a class quest called “The Mage Hunter”
to aquire “Ebonchill” Upon killing that NPC, Ebonchill should have dropped but it did’nt nor was it nearby like the quest claimed to be. So i made a ticket about it. Then some GM got in contact with me. I told him i did it a 2nd time and then it actually dropped. Now for him, i assume we were done talking. I assume he thought i was through so he told me to submit the bug and went on his way. Only, i was’nt done talking yet and when i tried to say something else, it gave me the message he was unavailable. At that point, i got annoyed and thought to myself “WTF?! i was’nt done yet and he cut me off?!”

I have played World of Warcraft for at least 8 years now with a 3 year break after that. I returned back in December 2018. I could’nt continue playing those last 3 years due to technical reasons. Either way, i joined World of Warcraft around April after “The Burning Crusade” was released and before “Wrath of the Lich King”
So that’s a long time already

But this is how i get treated? A loyal customer / player being cut off like that?!
This is what you, Blizzard call “Support”?!
My game time runs out in about 16 days and at this point, i’m not sure wether or not i should return only due to the fact i was so rudely cut off by a GM.

So, to put it in short:
I’m a loyal World of Warcraft player. I reported an issue and i was cut off before i was done talking, so i’m very displeased to say the least.

(Trovlak) #2

GM’s are very busy people, and aren’t there for general chit-chat. Most will engage in conversation while working on your problem, but if you no longer have a problem, or the problem has been fixed, you can’t expect them to hang around and make chit-chat. They have other players to assist.


I know that but what i wanted to say was’nt “chit-chat”
It was still regarding the issue i’m having.

(Trovlak) #4

Reading your original post, certainly sounds like you no longer had an issue, and the GM moved on to other clients.

I can’t see any fault on the GM’s behalf here.


Hey Miridon,

I’m sorry to see this happened. Please do make sure to relay this information in the survey request that follows up from the ticket, so this can be looked into and dealt with. The survey system really is quite important for the Game Masters, as it is actively used to try and improve their skills.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


What i meant was. The issue itself was resolved, yes.
But what i still wanted to say was about trying to make it so that it does’nt happen again.
(or at least minimize it). But before i could say that, he was already gone.

I did.

(Trovlak) #7

Thats not something a GM could assist with anyway. For that you’d need to make a bug report, so that the developers can look into the problem.


I have not seen gm since wotlk :joy:.


Well, i don’t know about others but how do i know if my report had any kind of influence? How do i know they really do something with it? Because i’ve used it a couple of times already but i never saw any of the issues i reported being adressed so maybe i’m wrong but i feel like, they do receive it but just more or less throw it right into the garbage bin so to speak. That’s at least the impression i get.

(Trovlak) #10

I’ve often said that the bug reports seem to get fed directly into a shredder.

But being a bit more realistic and less sarcastic, consider how many bug reports they get per day, compared to how many staff they have. They will be deluged with bug reports, and a good percentage of them won’t actually be bugs, but players not understanding how something is supposed to work.

So they will have to prioritize what bugs they address, in terms of game breakyness, and yes, that will mean some bugs never get fixed before they become old content.

Its sad and its fustrating, but thats reality.

(Dottie) #11

You don’t

You don’t

Bug reports are just that, you report a bug, GMs are not there for you to report bugs to, they are there to help with any problem you have and since you reported your problem fixed they disconnected from you. Sounds perfectly fine to me. If your sense of self importance considers that a “crime” then you have an option to comment on this in the survey.

Why should they spend an hour talking to you about something they cannot do anything about instead of dealing with 3 other people?


I get the fact that i’m not the only one having an issue. I really do.
But the way i experienced was that the representive was’nt exactly…
How shall i say?

Well… lemme put it this way:
years ago, when i actually had an issue, i often felt like i was being listened to. I felt like i really was treated like a valued customer and they actually took the time to actually listen to you.

Today, it seems like people are rushing things.
And not just in-game but in general.
People always seem to be in a kind of hurry.
Which is a damn shame.

It’s sad but i guess that’s today’s reality unfortunatly.

(Xaen) #13

I would disagree with you. Also, don’t forget you’re not talking to the robot. It’s human being on the other side. Maybe, just maybe he figured you solved the issue. No need to go all berserk on the gm in question.

Just repost the ticket and that’s it. I’ve literally had 0 issues in the 14 years with gms. Like none.! So don’t be that judgmental on gms. They already have to deal with a lot of thing such as rudness etc. while trying to help you. A little kindness goes a long way.


They dont care if you are veteran customer or you are 2k18 noob account.
You are another dollar bill for them / Activision.

I had same treatment like i was garbage few weeks ago but via ticket.

(Shammoz) #15

Well, if nothing else you proved that all customers are equal and treated the same… probably not what you intended but exactly what you highlighted.


I’ve been playin Blizzard games since Diablo II era , 15 years ago.
I still have my 3 accounts stacked with perfect characters , bugged 1.08 items etc.
I cant even imagine how much they cost at jsp anyway.

I’ve bought every single collector’s edition item which is easy to check thro my FoS / Promotions tab.

I’ve been supporting this semi dead game even with some cosmetics from Shop prolly i will never use because im a fool and i still believe there is hope to revive at least this franchise.

I dont expect from anyone to summarize how many thousands i’ve spent vs my RAF mate who bought only the base game just to quit 2 months later because he found it lame.

I expect from these employees who call themselfs ‘Tech Support’ to act like Support.
If i want help with something , im not mentally challenged , i can check wowhead /google / youtube by myself.

If i cant find any solution , i dont want the ‘‘Support’’ guy to copy-paste a robotic link from wowhead or give me an external link for icyveins redirection and close my ticket like im garbage.

The ticket is gonna close when i’ll say so.
Just like Miridon said.

(Trovlak) #17

No, the ticket will close when they close it. They do have that power you know, to close your ticket, they can even ban you from making further tickets on the same issue.

You didn’t want support, by the sounds of it to me, you wanted preferential treatment, which you feel you deserve. I am sorry, but you do not. Nobody held a gun to your head, and made you buy all those things, you bought them willingly.

You get treated the same as every other player, new and old. You resolved your own issue. The GM recognised that, and that meant there was nothing further for the GM to do. They are NOT there to discuss your feedback, discuss what is going to happen with regards to fixing the bug. They are there to fix your specific issue. There are other channels for feedback and the GM’s are not one of them.

  • Did you read anywhere in my reply i had my issue solved?
  • Did you read anywhere in my reply that i was making tickets to provide feedback?
  • Did you read anywhere in my reply that i wanted to be treated special because i bought something?I provided that example with my RAF mate as well to make things even

Im a customer with an ingame issue for example and i will say when the ticket is going to close.Im not ape , i can understand when they cant do nothing in the first place.

But sending wowhead link and ‘‘You can check our fanbase sites’’
Thats not a tech support

Learn to read better next time before you wear your white armor and dash to defend them.

At least learn to read better my topics if you want me to reply back another time anyway

(Ananda) #19

Yes it is if it’s not something a GM can help with. At least they’re offering advice on where you might find what you want although they can’t themselves.

If people continue to reopen & make new tickets about something that CS has told them many times can’t be done, then yes, they have every right to close the ticket. There’s only so many times that a GM can explain the situation.

(Triumvir) #20

GMs these days are the guys Blizzard takes when McDonald’s is not hiring. (Another ban inc, and still no fcks were given Blizz)

Not only is every request a instant negative reply, but if you end up in an argument over the state of the game, they will flat out ask why are you playing a game that you do not like, and copy paste a delete account link. I should know, this happened to me a few months ago.

Maybe the guy you spoke to cut you off by accident, maybe the game he was playing in the background could no longer be paused, we will never know. But the fact is that if you have to contact a GM, don’t.