Bel'ameth Feedback

Overall I’m really impressed by the visual design of the new area. The buildings successfully capture the post sundering Night Elf Architecture that we all know and love and seeing what the team can do with high res modernised assets just makes me want to see more revamps of major areas in the “old world” areas of the game.

I also really like the expansive size of the zone, however this size currently makes the zone feel very underpopulated and most areas outside of Bel’ameth feel like they could benefit with more NPCs and potentially more areas that are hostile to players.

One specific Example is Belanaar - the large inn like building at the piers currently only has 2 NPCs and given it’s size and layout could IMO benefit from being made a rested area with an innkeeper and a few more vendor NPCs. The area would also be a great place for a fishing trainer (esp given the nearby fishing NPCs) and a flight master (it’s weird for such a large zone to only have one flight point.

On the broader zone the wildlife NPCs seem to be predominately Dragonflgiht type species and while I’d agree that makes some sense that the first animals to arrive would migrate in from the plains - I feel like the zone could benefit from some others (wolves from Stormsong valley for example) to broaden the diversity within the zone and make it feel more like an evergreen capital city zone than an extra bonus dragonflight zone.

That all said if the team are planning to continue to build out the zone and populate it over the remaining patches of Dragonflight - being able to experience the zone grow and develop over time is something I’d totally be up for. If this is the case I would suggest putting some sign of that in game - for example NPCs building something or some NPC dialog indicating they are expecting new arrivals (like the innkeeper).

Oh and the music in the new zone is :heart_on_fire: