Bel'Ameth neutral city now?

Tried to kill a horde in Bel’Ameth today and got killed by my fellow Night Elf guards.
What is going on?

How can a Night Elf city be neutral or friendly to horde?
They can even use Flight paths, buy tabard, cloak and shoulders, having yellow quest marks around the village.
Is this the path we are going now? If so, no thanks
I’ll pass this friendliness in WoW

Oh Blizzard. While you are at it and making us all friends now, make sure you remove all the pvp from the game because they make no sense in WoW anymore. The Arena is only pvp which would make some kind of sence. Oh yes, Wpvp too. Pointless


I’d like official word about this from Blizzard as well, is the umm… Horde-friendliness of Bel’Ameth due to the place being work-in-progress (NPCs not being faction-tagged properly and guards not being placed/coded properly yet), or is this supposed pride of the Night elves being sacrificed on the altar of “Let’s all be friends and sing kumbaya together!” ?


Yeah. It is stupid.
Why would they be welcomed in Nelf city? Because they helped saving their own behinds in Amirdrassil? They didn’t help Night ELf’s and Alliance. Literary the world was at stake.
This was supposed to be Night Elf patch but it turned out to be everything but…

Now with Bel’Ameth going this way. Common…
Why are’t Alliance welcome in Orgrimmar then? (not that I would like t get there without full raid) But.We helped horde get rid of insane warchief and even let him live, aaand let horde continue their existance…
Stupid Anduin and his influance to Lo’gosh. (Varian)
Should have dismantled them right there


Well, things might change, it’s PTR after all, that’s why i’m asking for an official statement about what the actual intention with Bel’Ameth is, i also asked @Warcraftdevs on Twitter, no reply there either.

I’m trying to avoid getting too pessimistic, but after 5 years of being jerked around by the meandering story since Teldrassil was burned, cynicism is starting to feel like a logical reaction…

Well, no one from Blizzard answered to my message on twitter about this so I have no clue. Ah, you asked them too.

I bet they will do it.
I am beyond cynicism :rage: Absolutely raging now


Found a new article somewhere on net, still not one word from Blizzard about neutrality so I guess it is intended and will stay like this

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Great!.. Well, I guess we are screwed again


We helped you too get this tree… If you don’t like it I got a torch in my bag


Shut up. We got rid of Garrosh for you and let you still exist as horde, even though, we could have dismantled you, yet Alliance is not welcomed in Orgrimmar. Besides, you didn’t help Night Elfs, you helped aspect and fought to save your skins because destruction of Amirdrassil will kill you too.
So no, you DIDN’T help Night Elfs, you helped yourself, and you should not be welcomed in any Alliance city ESPECIALLY Night Elven one. You didn’t even start washing blood from your hands since BFA
Now that your devolved behind and preach somewhere else

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Okay you know it’s a game right?

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Yep, but it don’t change the fact. Horde in Bel’Ameth is completely MORONIC idea

Ooh, another thinly veiled tree-burning joke, haven’t seen any of those the past 5 years… /sarcasm

Frankly, that’s why i don’t want any Horde players anywhere near Bel’ameth, the Horde burned the previous tree (That alone is reason enough for any rational person, but let’s keep going for good measure), Horde players won’t stop cracking lame jokes about it ever since, the whole idea of building a new city on the Dragon isles is to get away from the “Big bad Horde”, and lastly the whole “Renewal”-thing makes zero sense if the people who lorewise caused the whole stupid mess are wandering around the new city as if they own the place.

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He probably have sylvanus tattoed on his behind :rofl:
So many horde players tattoed her face on their bodies and then she goes. YOU ARE NOTHING!!! THE HORDE IS NOTHING!!! HAHAHA!
Facebook groups was filled with pics of that :rofl:

None of them say anything since that cinematic :smiley:

And it’s confirmed. Bel’Ameth is neutral city

Icy Veins article:
"The new Night Elf home Bel’aneth added in Patch 10.2.5 is a neutral city. However, Horde players who enter the city will see a debuff informing them that they are being watched.

The debuff’s name is Eyes of the Sentinels and the tooltip reads: Seen and unseen eyes alike are watching your every move."

does it matter if fictional enemy faction is in neutral city with fictional other enemy faction.

the price I pay for picking night elf constantly, watching other nelf players having weird attachments to a fictional burnt piece of lumber.

Yes it matters. 6 years of screwing with most popular race in wow. Genocide, ethnic cleansing, ridicule, etc. To be ended like this? Capital in a zone which have nothing to do with Night Elfs made neutral for filthy horde who genocided 80% of Night Elf population.
For someone who have 20 years invested in this game it is a huge deal. For horde it is ofc not. Horde keeps on getting rewards for genocide

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Oh wow, a debuff that does absolutely nothing, that will show the Horde players who’s boss!

This is ridiculous, the Night elves lose their capital city, in-game (Where it actually matters) their zones are wrecked and/or filled with Horde mobs, and when after 6 years of being dragged along by the nose, we finally get a new capital city, it is also a Horde tourist location, but don’t worry, they’re “being watched”!

That should take the sting out of having such celebrities as ElfSlayer the orc and TreeBurner the forsaken wandering around, browsing the vendors for some souvenirs…

Really, Blizz almost had it, Bel’Ameth is looking very good, but they just had to trip right at the finish line, didn’t they?

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Did it ocured to you that there are people who actually started playing Wow because of Night Elves after WC3? Yep I am one of them. I love reading, In fact library in my town don’t have anything of interest for me anymore. I read all I am interested in. By saying that I mean. I love fantasy even, though, my favorite books I read was by Dan Simmons Hyperion Cantos which is sci fi.
There is 20 years of wow beneeth my feet. So yes, people like me care and they care a lot. WoW is the story which lasted for 20 years and my absolute favorite part of it are Night Elves, their culture and their history.
I mean. I met my then GF now fiancee in WoW. Both of us Night Elfs.
So there is nothing weird with being attached to something. I am attached to my car. It is 22 years old now and I wouldn’t sell it for no amount of money.
Just because you can’t understand this, it don’t mean that you have the right to laugh or ridicule people who do care.
I get it, you don’t feel this attachment and I am sorry for you and I can’t understand why you even play WoW. That is my point of view.
That burned piece of lumber was our home away from home.

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until teldrassil is a real place in real life that also got burnt to the ground, then I will feel for it. until then, why does blizzard have to cater to you all when its their narrative to tell. this is the same story where retcons happen on the double and they turned a iconic frozen king into 35 anima in the last expansion. don’t blame me that I call it weird bc yes it looks weird to be attached to sometime like this.

you don’t have to feel sorry for me, I am doing fine, thank you.

you guys can thank the horde bc we could have let Fyrakk have his way.