[BElf-RP Farstriders] The Blood Ravens 🏹

For millennia the Rangers of the High Kingdom served as guardians of the majestic deep forests of the Elven homeland, and even though the fall of Silvermoon City weighs heavily upon their shoulders the image of the heroic Farstrider standing tall with blade and bow in hand is still engraved in the hearts and minds of the Elves.

Greetings and salutations friends! In the interest of expanding the roster of the newly created guild, The Blood Ravens, I’ve decided to make a short guild presentation post and recruitment thread.

The guild is meant to represent one of the many Farstrider teams that operate in and around Quel’thalas, the homeland of the Blood Elves, and we are aiming to offer an immersive role playing experience and exploration of Ranger RP.

But there is a catch…

We need Rangers to join our team! And thus here we are to announce that recruitment is now open and as you suspected, dear reader, the guild already exists in-character!

So if the idea of being part of a Farstrider team, play through the team’s creation and share in it’s building of character, share adventures in the wilds against monstrous enemies be they near or far is your cup of tea… we are here and we are expecting you.

Ranks, a.k.a. the food chain…

  • Captain: The commissioned commanding officer of the team.
  • Lieutenant: A commissioned officer second in command of the team, depending on the team’s strength in numbers this rank is further separated to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on, with each leading a “squad” of Rangers. A 1st Lieutenant also serves as second in command in such cases.
  • Farstrider: A senior Ranger. This is not an official rank but more something used within the team to distinguish between the less and more experienced Rangers, and those who have earned the trust of their team mates.
  • Ranger: A newly recruited, ehm, Ranger and/or trainee. Also a more catch-all rank in the Ravens.

And there you have it. Short and to the point presentation of the guild. I felt that there was no need to go on and on and pepper more fluff around the post at this point.
The guild is in it’s infancy, still building IC and OOC and this post will be expanded and/or even receive a complete overhaul as the guild grows and finds it’s footing.
Lastly, given that the target audience is rather specific I felt that the names themselves offer more than enough explanation on what is it that we are setting out to do in our RP. Rangers. Farstriders. Protect the Sin’dorei and the High Kingdom from enemies near or far…

See you around the wildlands, friends!

- Aeranthiel Lindoniel Stardreamer, Captain of the 15th Ranger Group, a.k.a. “The Blood Ravens”.


“I am Gabriel Angelos, Captain of the Blood Ravens. My chapter is in ruins, the sector is at war. Its worlds under siege. Chaos spreads, consumes us all. Here, we will make our final stand. Here, there will be… Retribution .”


And you win the prize of being the first to post about that. 3 minutes in. Good time! :grin:


There is no time to be lost!

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So it begins… (in ten characters) :bird:

Does the guild also “recover” “lost” relics?


If the Reliquary requests our aid, yes! What? It’s another adventure…

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Do I spy Farstriders?! Might have to come scope this out.


Good to see you’re around, Thurr! We’ve just started up and lurking around so swing by the Lodge!

Hello :slight_smile:
Good luck!


I saw the Guild Tag ‘Dawnguard’ and had to wipe away a brief tear of nostalgia, back on topic however, More Farstriders! Yes! We needs this! I’m Ranger-Captain Summerisle, and this is my favourite topic today. I’ve never understood why Farstriders are so underused as a concept, they have so -much- room for storytelling and RP, I mean the very basis of them is genius, the Military commander of Quel’thalas’ armies was always called ‘Ranger-General’, before the Farstrider order even existed. (Its only about 500 years old, though obviously there were Rangers prior to that), but the actual Farstrider order started out the way the player character does! They were adventurers, who over time became so successful, that they aggregated, eventually they became like a sort of PMC ran by its own members but for the benefit of the state, and then finally became not only a formal part of Quel’thalas’ military, but also part of its body politic.

A lot of people forget that. The Farstrider order -is- part of the triumvirate of power blocs that runs Quel’thalas these days, along with the Blood Knights, and the Magisters/Magistrixi. It is not solely a military ‘thing’, but is a political body as well.

Even though we seem to be ‘in foreign fields’ almost perpetually these days, when we do return home to the green, green fields of Quel’thalas, it will be good to have people to share the Ranger Lodge with! Good luck with this!


I wish you the best of luck!


I’ve RP’d with Aery many times over the years and shared the lodge with a previous Farstrider guild they ran successfully.

I’d rank Aery as one of the top Farstrider RPers and a solid guild lead.

:+1: from me, if I ever return from Zandalari RP I’ll look you up!


Tehre is noh time to beh lohst!

Batul Brothas!

Spehss Mahrens, todeh the enemeh is at oua doar! We know oua duteh and we will do eet. We fight for our honor as Blod Rehvens,
as SPESS MAHRENS, and we fight in the nehme of the Empra!

And if we die this deh we die in gloareh, we die heroes’ deffs, but we shall not die, no! It is the enemeh who will tehste
deff and defeat!

As you know! Moast of oua battle brothars are shtehtioned in SPEHSS, Pruhpeared to deep strike! Oua perimeter has been
pruhpeared in the even dat oua enehmies should be so bald and so foolish. We have plehced numerous beacons, allowing for
muhltiple, simuln-tehneous and devashtehting defensive deep strikes

The Codecks astartees nehmes this maneuvah Steel Rehn. We will descend upon the foe, we will ovawhelm them - we will leave none
alive! Meanwhile oua ground fawses will ensue the full defense of oua headkwaters

We are the spehss mahrens! WE ARE THE EMPRA’S FUREH!


Aeranthiel, been in a guild run by you that was was for Farstriders waay back when (so long ago I forget the name of my hunter). You’re an amazing GM and loved the events you did (also the help you gave me on how to DM events myself).

Will recommend to anyone interested it’ll be worth checking out this guild :grinning:


And this is why, before you give an inspirational speech to your troops, you never take a spoon full of peanut butter… :rofl:

@everyone: Thanks guys and gals for your kind words!


I love Farstriders. They are my favorite ranger faction in wow. Good luck with this. :slight_smile:


…obligatory update on the guild that doesn’t really say anything new and just serves to raise the thread up and be seen, peppered with humorous comments…

Aaaalso, we have a community in-game group, one of those Blizzard Communities thingy for Farstriders. If you want to join in and say hello, look for RP, or just annoy fellow Rangers drop me a line in-game for an invite.

Bloody Magpies…


I’d love to work with the Farstriders, but I don’t have a Blood Elf Hunter at all. I only have a Nightborne Hunter and Night Elf Hunter (mainly for the bow animations.)

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