Benthic gear: Is it catch-up system, or raiding BiS?

(Destruct) #21

Jokes on you, 1 of my chars even has 5 benthic as BiS if it would be raiding mythic.

It’s the trinket effects (wrist, gloves, belt and boots) that carries a heavy IL without actually showing it or even loweing stat budget for those items. all 425 give the same amount of stats, but benthic gets an OP trinket effect.

Boots are so good that even if capped it at IL 400 it still would be BiS for specs like ret. That effect alone is worth 55+ Ils!

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16 minutes but couldn’t resist…

Phew fixed!

(Verdill) #23

If it only worked in Nazjatar and LFR it would be OK. I had no issues with benthic gear until I realized they are worth 40-55 ilvls… It’s incredibly bad design.

(Madorin) #24

No then they would be utterly useless.
That would be bad design.


Utterly useless for Mythic, sure.

They would still be upgradable to perfectly adequate 425-430s to get into Heroic or even plug a hole in a Heroic set, much less Normal. And they would be suitable for M+.

And that’s what they should have been - an all-purpose gearing option.

(Verdill) #26

No, low effort = high reward is one of the biggest mistakes developer can make in any game. Just no.

(Madorin) #27

Or they can be what they are right now. An actually targetable bis equipment.

I absolutely agree with that, but they are not low effort. They are easy to get indeed but not at all without effort to farm out. Would you say that getting 100 exalted reputations requires no effort? I mean it takes a lot of time but pretty much all of them are easy to get. They are actually exactly how I would want professions to work. Really good items that will take you several weeks to farm for, if you are farming them at a reasonable pace.

There are far bigger problems with gearing right now, mostly titanforging and random sockets, and benthic does actually a good job in circumventing those two.

(Varileztra) #28

its not effort you are putting into getting benthic gear…

its tedious mindnumbingly boring garbage, that you are doing to participate in the benthic lottery


Yeah this system is just wierd. Even just handing out free heroic loot with sockets is wierd. But in the end I wouldnt care. Its b******* but whatever.

Handing out items worth more than 455 ilvl for farming pearls. What even is that? I would seriously want to understand the reasoning behind it.

(Healtings) #30

Yep, benthic gear is silly. World content should never be stronger than mythic raiding gear.

For starters, progression through the tier is far less noticeable because many of our gear slots are taken up with benthic (and other similarly overtuned things like highborne compendium). On top of that, theres crafted gear.

People talk about benthic and how it allows for ‘player set goals’ yadayadayada, but it does that at the cost of removing goals within the raid tier.

The system is also extremely alt unfriendly. Since benthic tokens are boa, those with multiple alts were able to acquire all their bis benthic sockets within the first few weeks (and similarly, save pearls on their mains to upgrade them).

This means that even outside of raid, the socketed benthic items outclass 430 mythic+ gear. In the case of slots like wrists, they can even match the output of 440 cache items.

Whether it is catchup gear or alternate progression, the fact this grindable world content gear outclasses the highest rewards from the two pve platforms - raid and mythic+ - on their highest difficulty, is absurd.

I like the general idea of benthic gear, but it’s just way too over the top. It should have been more akin to the timeless isles gear. That system worked perfectly fine. Or, if they wanted to include effects, they should have approached it the way they approached other ‘interesting’ gear, by inckuding drawbacks such as lack of secondary stats, in a way that allows the item to be slightly overbudget within nazjatar, but not outperforming gear 25-30 ilvls higher, like it is now.


Everything in this game becomes pointless… why should I try, if I get everything for free.

Blizz, give us hard mode servers already. Without braindead gameplay.


I always disagreed with such statements but now I say yes… Benthic gear was the last straw… I don’t understand why BiS raiding gear comes from killung 15 random nagas… Benthic gear should simply be BiS for questing with unique bonus for outdoor content only…

(Verdill) #33

Words of truth have been spoken.

(Navysilan) #34

If possible guys, please share that topic and like if you agree


A gearing method where you get BIS gear for literally not even having to press your buttons in the correct order over mythic raiding? nope thats a complete failure.

they could have added some stronger fun boni but only make them work in nazjatar zones.


The same devs are involved in different projects that’s why we don’t get the attention to details as we want or it used to be , the benthic gear isn’t the only mess so is the abysall crafting and pretty much the scaling and the way you aquire items , titanforged is a fail by all means .
They’re train of thought has 2 stations
1 . develop it
2 throw it at them
and obviously after long complaints they " FIX THINGS "
Things that should be developed properly for what money they are asking .
My 2 cents : wow sub should be 2-3 euro tops , in the best case scenario .
This clearly isn’t quality .

(Tahra) #37

Let’s not get into semantics. What effort means differs from person to person. It’s as subjective a term as they come.

Disagree. With enough time and effort, I think it’s fine.

Hardly. That requires raiding in its own right to unlock.

You’re contradicting yourself here. :man_shrugging:


I saw on… I think it was Belullar channel that they are nerfing sockets (especially) and trinkets next patch. So enjoy them sockets while you can.


All they are doing is nerfing the epic main stat gem from +120 to +100.

They already nerfed the other gems from +60 to +50 and they can’t go any lower.

(Madorin) #40

They are apparently not nerfing them. This was the statement made by Blizzard: “Hello – The change being discussed here was the first of two changes in this patch that are together related to a cleanup of how stats are calculated for some gems. After the second fix is implemented in the next build of 8.2.5, there should be no overall changes to their stats.”