Best alt as a Rogue?


I find all the other classes I’ve tried really boring and slow in comparison to Rogue.

Demon Hunter, Hunter especially - it feels really braindead.

Also don’t really like Mage or Death Knight. They arent as bad as DH, H - but still don’t feel fluid enough.
Mage is very proc dependent. I get annoyed at not getting the crits as Fire Mage - and Death Knight feels like I spend more of time worrying about my resources rather than kicking butt.

What are you favourite alt’s if your main is Rogue?


definitely monk


I think the title is a bit crazy, how could there be a best alt as a rogue. That’s opinion bound.

I personally have always liked Shadow priest. The amount of CC you bring a long with damage is pretty sweet. Just be ready to get trained a lot. Also the new mechanic with voidform is a new experience but I haven’t touched it for BfA yet and it got changed pretty much I heard


I’d say the closest to Rogue is Feral. It’s challenging even more than Rogue and you need to watch buffs and DoTs. I have always been Feral if I played Druid but in BfA feral became too weak and I realised I’d be better of as Balance.

I am levelling Mage for profession. I have the same problem as yours: slow, proc, random. I tried Arcane but at higher levels mana becomes an issue. The only spec that is fast is Fire but I also hate waiting for buffs.

I am simultaneously trying Warlock and SPriest. I like DoTs, specially those from Warlocks. With heirlooms, I can do AoE easy and kill faster.

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Monk, feral or DH. All highly mobile classes with similar play style to rogue stealth or no stealth.

As for being a rogue main myself…i turned into just a altoholic as a whole, play priest, hunter, druid and rogue mainly at 2k+ given i thoroughly enjoy them that much.

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