Best first leggo for enh?

Hi guys,

What leggo do you guys recommend as my first? Im a casual player and I like some pvp and pve aswell. Do you think primal lava with necro covenant is a good choice?

Looking forward to your opinions!

I’d recommend witch doctor for pvp, but it really depends what you wanna play more. primal lava is not too bad either

What are the most fun leggos in ur opinion for enh? Cheers bud

Legacy of the frost witch is pretty fun. Less burst but smoothes out the rotation by greatly reducing downtime and enables good consistent dmg.

for arena, most certainly.

although i find that you have 0 burst playing this build and many classes can kinda outheal my dmg in bgs.

if you play bgs and you want to kill stuff, doom winds is better. with ascendance you definitely can shred people but it is more or less 2 min cd playstyle (with thundercharge)

which doctor is great for sustain
frost witch is not good especially with the 4 pcs and which doctor you have more resets than you can spend anyways

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