Best hunter pets

theres a noticeable difference. the fact you and so many others dont know doesnt bother me. gl hf use what you like.

Thank you, I’m using a 1.5 attack speed Worg. It’s not worth the time to get the 1.2 speed one for the little difference it makes. Because that helps my raid group the most. I leave you with your crappy kitty though :wink:

Well, gotta admit at first I thought you were wrong, even though I knew what point you were making.
I thought the fact that a fast attack pet can get one more attack at the end before the mob dies while the slow attack pet is still waiting makes up for the initial damage difference, but it only does so 50% of the time, so yes, you’re right, a slow attack pet will do more dps. Not sure how significant the difference is though, definitely not enough for me to have a second cat pet purely for raiding.

The only point he’s trying to make is to be right on the Internet even though he is wrong :wink:

He’s right though, isn’t he? A fast attack pet only makes up for the initial attack difference sometimes, but not always.

PS: I’m still wondering which low lvl dungeon farm you consider better than DM:T btw. :slight_smile:

Better ? None. But there’s an investment in Tribute you don’t have to make when farming ZF or Maraudon.

And he’s definitely wrong when he says “noticeable”. My stable is full or I’d prove it to you with logs from two cats.

You started off by saying 1.0 does more now you agree 2.0 does more but its not noticeable? baby steps I suppose, few more hours you’ll be agreeing with me.

I mean, the only serious investment you need for tribute runs is being an engineer, and why wouldn’t you wanna be an engineer anyway? I can’t imagine a hunter making nearly the gold they can make in DM:T by farming ZF or Mara.

No, not definitely wrong, because it depends on what you consider “noticeable”. 0.5 seconds of a pet’s dps per mob in a raid on average can be noticeable. I’m not arguing that it should affect your pet choice, but when you (and me) thought a fast attack pet does the same dps, we were incorrect and I see nothing wrong with admitting it.

People say Brokentooth for PvP but thats only for fighting casters. I prefer to have a boar vs melee.

As for PvE I thought Wind serpents had highest dps?

No, not really. Here’s a little sheet I made a while ago:
So lightning breath actually does less dps than claw, and also some bosses have a high nature resist I think.

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I would use broken tooth or a boar (currently using a boar myself) dedicated for pvp and a pve pet with full fire resist. In pvp u’d rather have arcane/frost/shadow res.

The dps difference from the higher speed is very insignificant in individual fights but over time it could add up, but a hunter with better pet management would quickly outweigh this difference.

The main thing to do is pick a pet you enjoy using. After all it will be with you all the time you play. As above, Petopia is an excellent site and has a section specific to classic. You can train some skills to different pet types. For instance I tend to use Humar the Pridelord (1.3 attack speed for all the statisticians) trained with claw, bite and dash. Each level of those has been from taming scorpions, bears, other cats and wolves. Classic has limited stable slots so it’s best to always keep a slot free to park your main pet in when you want to tame another for their skill. Use the beastlore spell to check them out first before you tame to make sure they have the skill you want. Tame a beast, play using it a bit and check the pet training spell (looks like a Y) to ensure you’ve learnt its skills then it’s safe to abandon it and get your main pet back and train it with the new levels or skills. Don’t forget to visit the pet trainer for things like stamina and armour etc and it’s worth popping growl on any new pet even if you’re just keeping it for a short while to learn a skill.


I prefer to just respec my BT before a raid.
By the way, regarding the furious howl skill, I’m quite sure it doesn’t scale with anything, no matter if its backstab/critical hit etc, just a flat bonus. So overall wolves only do just a bit more dps and that’s if they buff 5 targets which doesn’t always happen, so I just raid with my cat.

Typical Internet tactic - trying to make someone say what he never said. Doesn’t work here, sorry.

Definitely not before ZG.

Broken tooth for pve
Broken tooth for pvp
Broken at everything :slight_smile:

Leveling it is a pain tho

Cant remember of this Broken Tooth “meta” in vanilla, probably one more thing made in pservers/streamers.
The more used pets by the best hunters in the server, were the elite cats from stv, Rotam from winterspring, rfk elite boars, zg bats for pvp, (silence+good attack speed) and at some point wind serpents.
If i hit 60 with my hunter, i’ll probably use Rotam/rfk boar.

Feeling the pain of those that camped, or are camping for days(?) the Broken Tooth spot, probably in vain.

No, BT was known for having the fastest attack speed (along with ZG bats) in Vanilla too. But not many could be bothered to camp for him. If you check WoWhead you’ll see most of the comments are from Vanilla.
Common alternatives for fast attack pets were
-Hillsbrad mountain lions, 1k Needles cougars, SoS jaguars, The Rake, and sfk worgs and Deathmaw (fastest wolves) with 1,2 sec attack speed
-or a bunch of different StV cats, some Darkshore cats, a couple of Ashenvale wolves, and Humar (my main pet from Vanilla, which I still have) with 1,3 sec attack speed

And bats didn’t have silence in Vanilla. Pets didn’t get a silence until TBC, and that was Nether Rays with an interrupt that prevented casting of the specific school of magic for 2 secs. Bats still had Screech up until at least Cata, but it was changed to a stun in TBC.

Well, you are wrong.
BT has always been the fastest attack speed cat.
The ZG bat equalled that speed but only came MUCH later.
So the first choice was definitely BT.
And no pet had silence.

I feel the pain for those who confused TBC and Vanilla, and missed on BT which is for now the best anti-caster pet.

For raiding it’s probably the worg from lbrs but I really hate that it and other good pets can’t eat fish.
As a fisherman I always have some random fish in my inventory and if I run out of food I really want to get some quick for my pet w/o searching for a hub with the right food. That’s why I would recommend (for outdoors pet) the carrion birds 2.0 or the one in blasted lands with higher speed if you care to camp it. Screech (owl don’t eat fish) is really enjoyable for the ears for you wpvp-opponent and quit good for multytargets.