Best Legendary for necrolord warrior PVP?

I am having trouble choosing between Unhinged/Battlelord and Enduring Blow, what is your opinion guys?

Unhinged = big blast burst
Battlelord = big sustained
Enduring blows = Praying for proccs

If its for PvP.

If its pve its probably blows for personal dps gains and glory for the biggest group dps gains.

I’d recommend Battlelord, because Enduring Blow is too random and frustrating when it doesn’t proc. And Unhinged sucks when fighting BM hunters, demo locks etc.

I have seen Niksi playing with enduring blow, rend and stacking a lot of haste. Sounds interesting

Tbh warriors are in a spot where they can pretty much pick any legendary they want for pvp there is really no wrong answer for it.

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mishapen or whatever is called

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