'Best' LFG healer

Hey yall!

So, after spending quite some time in lfg on my feral I was considering switching to restro druid instead… But before I do that, or anything else I thought I’d ask what you guys think is the ‘best’ healer for lfg?

Who has most viable combs and the easiest time finding new/random partners in lfg?


Its comp based if you min/max class

If you enjoy druid you can just play it and play the rdruid comps

h ttps://luduslabs.org/2v2-comps

Check there example to get general idea

Have some experience with priest too. But kinda burned out when holy became meta :stuck_out_tongue:

Just trying to decide which is going to give me the easiest time as a casual in lfg

Literally any of Disc, Hpri, Rsham and Rdru will give you an easy time in 2s. Just play which you like most

Well I enjoy rsham for reason it has range kick on short cd and most dps are really bad at kicking on low cr so I can kinda carry with that, but its also only preference which I favor

I find it fun being aggressive with my dps and kicking the enemy healers on their heals instead of playing setup based comps which are not so easy to pull out in lfg yolo enviroments and most of the times when ure waiting for them to do their cc so you could follow to it with yours they never do and thats lfg experience for you basically :slight_smile:

Look comp for rdruid if you enjoy druid and play with them its effective and viable as any

Nice. The ludus site is very helpful as well!

Might just try rdruid since I already had a swing at disc and holy sometime ago then😁

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i dont think theres wrong option here but in my personal opinion and experience, rdruid is not the best with lfg especially on low rating, rdruid playstyle currently is just afk healer, if you go in you risk a lot (if we talk about 2s) especially if you are not experienced, so afterall you are pretty dependant on your dps bcz you cant really support other than heal and a few clones.
i’d recommend disc/holy priest or restosham, on all of this, you can do pretty good damage, and support your dps with kicks, and purges, and on rsham specifically the earth elemental lego is gamechanging especially on lower ratings.

but obviously, you cant go wrong, if you practice and good enough then you can do well with any healer in lfg

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I do love when ppl stack for balboa :smile:

That’s me on ret and my friend on dh lol

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When discipline doesn’t suck it’s really fun to play, like right now. Honorable mention to resto druid whenever you can afford to play feral affinity.

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