Best looking guild EU LFM [H] Chamber of Aspects

(Lepanto) #1

All Desire - Chamber of Aspects is the EU’s best looking guild. Endoff. We are, and always will be at the forefront of fighting the good fight against ugliness.

Do you have the looks? Can you add to the fun? Does the sun raise 10 seconds after you wake up for the world? Can no amount of taunts take the attention away from you? If you have answered yes to all four, make no mistake you sexy devil, you are one of us. Join the catwalk of heroes today and leave shoulderpads in the 80s, where they belong, and rightly so!

Fashion shows Wed/Sun, 20:00 to 22:30. Dazzle them bosses with your stillettos, gorgeous adventurers!

Oh yeah. We are 7/8 NM and working on HC starting this week. And looking GOOD at it, which is what matters.

Add me as your agent, Lepanto#2853 and let’s talk about those Louboutins

425 lock Lf guild
Returning player LF Guild
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