Best / most fun meele for BG?

Yo guys,

I haven’t played for 8 months and wanted to dip into some random BGs for fun. Played Ret (226) and Boomy (210) in SL before my break, had an absolute blast obviously in PvP, but I’m looking to play something different. Doesn’t even have to be super meta as long as it’s fun. My focus is solo BG only, no PVE, no Arena. I’d like a fast paced meele that can get me top kills more often than not if played well and geared well. Currently I’m undecided between Enhance, Fury and Sub/Assa. I slightly prefer the enhance fury style over rogue as I like to jump into group fights rather than being passive, waiting for an occasional 1on1. Which class would u guys recommend me and why?

Cheers :slight_smile:

WW Monk is fast-paced and fun.

How about feral?

You already played the Invincible Godclass of WoW since 2008, Ret. Just get some gear and continue improving on it, why change on anything else that is inferior. Infinite burst, survival, utility, heals, you name it. You can play solo and carry games.
WW has the same burst potential, but it’s way squishier and has weaker Self heals.
Enha is not in the best spot now in pvp, but dont play it currently so cant tell you much about it. Its like WW but less burst.
Warrior has strong sustain, but if you play solo, you are literally a bot. Everyone can ruin your day by constantly spamming roots on you/cc/stuns etc. You got zero heals unless speccing into it. Very strong if you got a specific stable team to babysit you.
Rogue is weak in teamfights, a stun is all it takes to send you to gy, so you said you dont like that playstyle.

EXTRA ROUND: If you are that much into BGs, why not a hunter. The absolute monster of BGs. It also has a meele spec, but just go MM and sit in top 3 kills/dmg every bg. You lack real self healing, but being in the back line helps, and a few talents that can reduce the CD of exhilaration( your main heal).

wait what.

Afaik ret was almost always kind of a bad go to for melees unless end of Cata and … well … shadowlands.

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Ret was busted AF in 3.0 if you remember… then kind of meh, then strong again in 3.3.5 with Shadowmourne. But it became good in 2.4.3 with crusader strike and you could argue the shockadin was also a proto-ret playstyle build.

i mean sure every melee was somewhat strong with that legendary tho i thought it was much more ret / warrior but i didn’t really play pvp around that time tbh

regardless, I see ret as the perfect class to dominate bgs:

  1. It’s a great noob-crusher class, and most that play rbgs and zero arenas like OP mentioned he wanted to do, might not know how to escape/defend against a Ret popping stuff.
  2. It’s good for solo play, you have most of the things you need in your spelbook. You are also your own pocket healer.
  3. Great AoE toolkit, Kyrian Divine toll whole enemy team, divine storm big aoe cleave, final reckoning massive team aoe, and so on. You can really turn the tides in a team fight as oposed to many other classes.
  4. great PvP talents that are centered around Teamfights. The 10% hp cleave to judgement is insane in bgs ( lawbringer i think its called), same as reckoning aura, the stacking crit talent, and so on.
  5. I would agree the playstyle is a few notches above other meele, as the dps rotation and burst rotation do require 8-9 different abilities, micro managing your combo points, compared to condemn/mortal strike spam or mutilate/envenom spam, but it will feel more fun for a longer time.
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I see no one even mentioned dk haha, never saw a melee in a such bad spot :slight_smile:

Im more surprised for dh, i have recently up one and i think it really pumps nice damage and burst, it is fun and dynamic, is dh considered that bad?!

Lets not troll the guy, wanted to give him some reasonable options, not meme class.

DH is also good, simple rotation, but suffers from the same problem as rogue/warr in solo all by yourself content = lack of reliable healing and pretty poor defense when focused. During metamorph you are a god tho, and I’ve seen lots of DH top the bg kill meters.

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Rogue. Only rogue. Maybe feral if you also want to FC.

Enha is trash and fury is trash too.

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