Best nerf for assa rogue

Remove 1 stack from shiv
%3 overall damage done reduced
Shiv is now 5 seconds instead of 8.
Here. Still will be viable but not broken.

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Think after almost 20 years of rogue domination to the point people think they actually need insane damage/burst/mobility/cc and good survivavility with zero real weakness’ to be viable we can be more generous:

Permastealth PvE only, and only exists after vanish with short immunity and may be some heal like ice block, no sup of course.

Food banned from arena (except healers)

No MS effect or 15% cap

Blind 6 sec

And Im very conservative here, don’t even ask to make slows manually appliable so they can actually taste for the 1st time since 2004 what actual struggle is :sunglasses:

Think people suffered enough from rogue meta and watching RMP almost every awc.

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and a big reason why they surely don’t come to forums for advice even on classes that need tuning / design changes is because the solutions people offer are the equivalents of suggesting mages need to have ice block removed and sheep put on a 10 second cooldown

fwiw, i agree with the shiv change. either hemotoxin needs to go or double shiv does.

doesnt help that assa has a lot of very OP bugs atm that affect it, like mind numbing increasing ur targets GCD and bleeds

I actually against sheep on 10 sec CD, should be 45 sec. IB is fine.

i agree on that

Put kidney on a 30 second CD. No class should have a 6 second stun every 20 secs, Especially during this derpy meta

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