Best way to level up alts from 60-70 this week! Don't miss out!

There is a world quest up now called “Attackin’ the Brackenhide” in Azure Span which any level 60+ can auto join in LFG > Questing tab and get massive XP. As Alliance player with 25% Warmode and Blue XP in a group of 4-5 people you get 7000xp (horde 6000xp) per mob. Just make sure no other group tags mobs cause then you will get raid XP penalty.

its probably hotfixed by now since it was in effect in north american servers all day yesterday

It still works.

The 10% experience bonus from Darkmoon Faire should be helpful too.

i dont think they care about leveling speed anymore so i doubt they would nerf it.

60 -70 in 3 hours with no bonuses is a joke anyway yet alone with bonuses.

i leveled 2 classes to 70 and one to 0 - 65 in less than 7 days…

whats the point?

leveling doesnt feel special anymore

I lvl alts in dungeons to get dragon manus scripts, they drop from last bosses on normal mode.

Awww. Wanted to get a special medial and a T-Shirt “you did it!” autographed by Kotick himself? :smiley:

nope ?

just kind of expect more from a mmorpg, feels like they arent even trying to make this a world anymore, instead slowly becoming a instanced multiplayer game.

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