Beta Service Issues - 6 June

I cant dont the echoes event. i did it 4th times and no one count as done. I cant continue…

blizz, please give this person his/her money back. I don’t wanna see her crying anymore on the forums. Please compensate, I am begging.

There is no need to do the events. you can just begin with TWW

Yep i heard but i need to make a new char i have copy my chars but it dont work with them…thanks but now i know :smiley:

At least we can take one good thing out of this beta. Blizz will probably not tie beta access to money again.
Do people pay for it? Check
Will a lot of those people…
…expect a fully mature version? check
…complain about everything? check
…not give productive feedback? check
…disrupt the whole beta process instead of helping it? check
…ask for refund or compensation because they don’t understand what a beta is actually for? check

mic drop


Never underestimate the ignorance of people, that was the first mistake. Even before the instability of beta servers yesterday…

Why would you give someone technically incapable of giving proper feedback? (Feedback is not crying about an intentionally unfinished game testing or asking for a refund. Let’s agree on this first…)

I hope this will be the first and last time. I wouldn’t care about not getting a beta test chance again myself if it will be the cost to remove these mindless comments and clown fiesta cry fest…

We’ve now completed Beta realm restarts to pick up some fixes.

We’ll continue to monitor and work on further issues.


It was better for a while, just got DC-ed again and now I can’t log back in like before. There’s still an issue.

o do so hard your best to insult people and claiming to know people i love to see it i feel so sad for people like you xD

As we are now on NA servers for beta, it must be about Muricans starting to log in. On my end server stability was better in the early hours of EU up until now but it is getting worse currently.

Also, server lag in the game is worse than early hours.

For sure that’s the reason, yes, but they should dish out more fixes to take care of it.

Fix Dungeons on leveling realms. We cant enter level up dungeons at all cause its required level 80…

It’s still as bad as before these “fixes”


Server disconnects still there and many many many lags :frowning:

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This, for sure - if not worse. I really wish we would get EU beta/PTR servers in this day & age too; it feels awful playing high APM/reactive specs with such high latency.


I purchased the epic version of TWW, but I still can’t get to the server, because it says that they are not available and it’s been like this for more than a day, what should I do to just log into the server and create/copy a character?

so when are they going to fix it so you can actually play more than 20 minutes in 4 hours sitting at the computer, these problems were never in the beta when DF was to be released


At this point Beta is just so broken,that there’s no point of trying
You can’t do anything for more than 5 minutes.
You get a DC and you can’t log to that toon for another 5 minutes.
Can’t create characters,problems with loading character etc.
There’s nothing to test literally cause there is no game to test at the moment.


Yep feels like an Alpha Plus or something. Very Early beta… :frowning:

True. Nonetheless I was able to report like a dozen broken things in the ~40 minutes I was able to “play”. At least the constant DCs break absoluetly everything, so there are a lot of bugs to report if you’re able to walk around for 2 minutes before getting kicked out again :smiley: