Beware of Boosts from Æxecutør-Ravencrest

He is a scammer!
He offers m+ boosts, hc raidboosts and even mythic raid boost. After you trade the gold he kicks you and set you on ignore.
If Æxecutør-Ravencrest is in your boost-grp just leave before you loose your gold!

BTW: Is it normal that Blizzard is refunding nothing of that? Thats supports that kind of scamming.

As distressing as it is, unfortunately, when you make a deal with a player you always have a risk of being scammed. Imho, just take your time and work up until you can do harder difficulties yourself or perhaps find a guild to do them with.

if you want boost in m+ and have the gold for it, just use 1 of the many boosting comunities, if you take boost from boosting comuunity rather than individual, it might cost bit more, but you can be assured that you wont get scammed like that again…the worst it can happen with boosting comunity is that your run wont be on time, but then you might get either refund or free run after it

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Yes, and no it does not support scamming. This is an unsupported transaction, very simple. You won’t get anything back.

Even though it is unsupported, report him / make a ticket since scamming is still an actionable offense. The gold may be taken away from him and whatever esle they see fit as action.

On this forum it is not allowed to name and shame so I would suggest removing his name.

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