Bg queue out in the open world - Daily Reminder

Until we have this feature implemented and/or some news regarding it lets keep posting about this so blizzard dont forget.

We want to queue bgs out in the world and not afking in cities.


Any type of lfg queueing on spot, teleporting into instance and then then teleporting back into the world goes stricly againts important rpg elements and world building aspect of mmo game. If this is something what you dont care about than you are not mmorpg player and retail is there for you to enyoj.

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I heavily disagree, please have a read through this thread right here, it goes through a lot of arguments that RDF people have mentioned and why at least we the proponents for battleground finder do not believe they hold up.

Also, please bump the thread above as it includes a good summary of arguments from both sides in my opinion at least.

oh sorry, forgot that its better to afk in city waiting for a teleport to a bg to teleport back into city. Instead of me being in the open world doing MMORPG activities…

You never did a bg in classic and a bg post 3.2 patch did you? Next time try to ask questions about something you clearly do not understand, instead of being a jerk right away


nah he’s right. mmo’s are predicated on player interaction. The fact you choose to AFK in a city instead of trading while there, participating in player lead conversations and games, dueling at the city gates, flying to a contested nearby area and pvping etc…that’s on you buddy.

It’s value to the game is constantly undermined.

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You guys are delusional, lol

Removing queue to bg, is nothing like the dungeon finder. There’s no social aspect, it’s still a random group, it’s still teleporting us in… and out. Doing this will kill the lower level bracket, 100%.

You don’t have time to trade… or go outside to duel every bg. It’s not like the queue is 20 minutes. So why do you want to play that card? Dude, just stop.

You guys are petty, the only reason you guys have, for not allowing this feature is: because we can’t have lfd, you can’t have lfbg. :joy: Even though it’s nothing alike.


If the BG queues would be “predictable” and would last for example, over 15 minutes, then yes the responsibility of not AFKing in the city would be on the player.

Yet right now there is no way to know for certain how long a queue timer will be. It can be 10 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes or 20+ minutes. There is no way to know for sure (one can only attempt to gauge it).

With BG Finder out in the open world a player could quest, farm or world pvp and activite the world, rather than standing idle in the city.

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but why do you want to force me to do activities inside the city instead of letting me doing activites all over the world?

No lfg or queue from everywhere, thanks.
With you daily spamming this thing, I guess you will more enjoy retail.

Tell me then, what’s the advantage from your pov of people having to queue in cities and get teleported back to cities compared to do this on the open world?

You think it’s more MMORPG style? You think cities need more people and the open world less? You think it’s the MMORPG way to stop all activities you could be doing so you can spend more time in a city or using flight paths instead of actually having the freedom to do as you please?

What have retail to do with this btw? Just because retail has this feature you think that is solo enough reason for me and others to enjoy retail more? Where in this world it makes sense to say to go retail because of this little feature? Isn’t retail a while different game?

Jesus stop with the non sense. Seems like i am speaking to kids or challenged people at this point.

Spotted another one of those losers who has nothing going on in his life but WoW and has a desperate need to “socialize” in a videogame.

Thanks Blizzard, without rdf i will experience only deadmines, stockades, Scarlet monastery and blackrock depths during levelling on Azeroth. Zul Farrak Is 50:50 with its location in correct levelling zone, other dungs are pretty dead. So much rpg

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Don’t forget that waiting 3 hours for a group for sunken temple is social as hell :wink:

It was literally there, in wrath. 0 reason to remove it

It makes sense. Especially the pvp part… because having 5 people out of 10, means there won’t be any random people. (LoL). Especially in those 15 man bg’s. It makes ZERO sense xD

They don’t care, that’s pretty clear. Also, shoutout to the Amazing Brian for putting twinks back with levellers again, such a great experience. /clap

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they are clearly out of touch not only with classic but with wow in general

That was indeed pretty clear when Brian posted that it would be more fun to fight twinks than play no bgs at all. What a moron.

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We can now queue everywhere.
Updated today.


Yup, we did it.