Big dilemma

Oh guys, I love Alliance. I am clearly Anduin fangirl since…I don’t exactly remember. I discovered him in Hearthstone when there was only 2 expansions. Now he’s a king. And for me even more amazing.
Most of my other favourite characters are from Alliance too. Otherwise Alliance just fitting me. I like castles, knights and all this justice-mercy-peace things.

But I love Vulpera too. Oh geez, how much I love them! This fluffy tails, cute muzzles, little paws, awww~ Sadly they joined Horde and nothing connects me with this faction. Orgrimmar is sooo ugly for me. There’s no one in this faction I can be loyal to like Anduin. All conception is to barbaric for me.

So here I am. Struggling with decision: play cutest and most perfect playable race I’ve ever seen or play in beloved faction that I can easily identify with.

Playing both isn’t really for me, because I like to focus on one character at time.

You also have such problems? I wanna hear it.


I finally get why other Horde players were scared of Vulpera joining. The Alliance literally sent out purge squads to torch the caravans of and kill Vulpera in Vol’dun. Not sure if that’ll shift your opinions at all, just wanted to chuck that factoid out.


Play the race you most enjoy, Vulpera are nice and that camp is very useful.

I enjoy both sides so I make sure when I go on my wpvp adventures to capital cities that I pack my Elixir of Tongues :stuck_out_tongue: Mostly good for being nosey but if you leave an impression, opposite faction players will eventually seek you out for a “chat”. :smiley:

Stealth is nice to have !

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Play whichever side you have more friends in.

I mean Vulpera cuteness will wear off? So if I had a guild I liked I wouldn’t even consider it.


I have only 1 friend in WoW at the moment and she’s going with me anywhere so…

That’s a dilemma indeed.
Depends of how much you value your character over Faction.

Let me give you an example:

I’ve always found Void elves appealing mostly for their hairstyles (that’s… that’s really important for me). Since they came out I wanted to main one, I did all I needed to do and finally got them back in Legion.

As soon as I could roll one I created a character and main her for a year or so. She was one of my favorite characters, I used to farm tmog of her, do M+ and raids to get her gear, I even used to Roleplay with that character.

I had fun but the idea of playing Alliance made me uncomfortable (I’ve nothing against Alliance players that is).

I felt out of place in Alliance. I couldn’t appreciate and spend time in the glorious city of Silvermoon, or the gloomy Undercity, I even missed Orgrimmar…
I decided to reroll to one of my Horde Death Knight.

In short, I choose Faction over character.

Edit: I think you should analyze if feeling part of something bigger (Faction) is more important than the character you’ll play and, I assume, main.


No it wont

Worgen cuteness is still a thing! /woof

I’m kinda already getting bored of my fox and will probably switch back to blood elf :confused:

so are you sure it’s worth it to abandon your Alliance friends for it?

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There is my biggest dilemma, I don’t know XD Before Vulpera i was sure I prefer to play with “my” faction. But when Vulpera comes out I was sure I prefer them. Now I just don’t know.

Love to play Vulpera, very enjoy it. At the moment I’m looking for something in Horde what I’ll love. If I don’t find anything I’ll probably make Pandaren or Worgen.

Maybe you should play and gather more information about the Horde while you’re at it.
I don’t know if this is your first Vulpera, I assume it is (apologies in advance for the assumption). You’re enjoying yourself for now but maybe later you’ll return to the Alliance.

I suggest dealing with your dilemma with an open mind. You shouldn’t focus too much on your Faction before experiencing everything the Horde has to offer.
Time will tell, at least that’s how I took my dilemma.

If you keep returning to your Alliance characters after reaching max level on Horde then I think you should pick Alliance.


For me 100% race over faction. Yeah, the orc theme of the Horde can be quite off putting since it’s so contrary to the blood elf aesthetic, but i could not main any other race other than blood elf. I just love everything about them.

And you know what, one gets used to the aesthetic of the Horde, and the other Horde races are quite interesting too. I particularly like taurens :slightly_smiling_face: When you start learning more about the races of the Horde and their lore they grow a lot on you.


Well, if you are bored or find yourself lost, just ask in general chat. As someone who learned wow half a year ago I hated orgrimmar as well at first but after some weeks I got used to it. I wouldnt say I love it but its a nice chill city.

Later on when I made alliance alt I couldnt get used to normal human castle. It felt too distant that it took some weeks to get used to stormwind. So I would say give it a time and u will get used to it.

But if its about the city, you have no reason to stay there. There are other places with auction house, bank and transmogifier etc. Silvermoon is my favorite city even thouh i never head back there, I love it everytime I go there.

From current content, zuldazar is 100% better than boralus. I dont know why horde players complain about distance between boat and inn etc, I love it. Living in a castle and huge kingdom around it feels so better than living in your mothers basement.

Well, if its about not getting used to faction, I would suggest interact with players when doing dungeon or quests and complete some questlines with great story. That helps a lot. I assure you.

When I made my first alliance alt, I boosted it to 120 and just wanted to be done with achievement and never look back on that character. But after Doing kul tiran storyline and asking some players for help and adding them I loved alliance and started considering faction change to human lately.


You failed to mention the part where Alliance players get told by these “purge squads” explicitly that the Vulpera are not their enemies and are not to be harmed if possible, just the supplies should be burned.

Oh wait! You probably did not even know that because you did not play the Alliance side of it. My bad.

Have you considered playing a gnome using the Yeti-Costume…?

But more seriously: If you play Horde and don’t like the faction’s theme you will constantly run into quests/architecture clashing with your enjoyment. I know i could not stand burning children - something the Horde actually DID in contrast to what the person i responded to claimed the Alliance did - even if i could have been a sexy Blood Elf while doing it.

The theme will hit you again and again whenever Blizzard decides it’s “Faction Time!”. It will never stop, probably. Maybe it will when the devs realise that there is no more Alliance left to pick on. Who knows. But it certainly seems unlikely to happen with the current Dev team in charge.

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Well try horde for a once. We have also some badass char too.

Until you get bored
Generally people don’t abandon horde bcoz of it’s superiority.

Belfs are my favorite, got a paladin for them.

Though it doesn’t feel like I’ll get tired of Vulpera. I’m the type that cheers for the underdog, which is why the whole thing of Belfs overcoming adversity is so great. The only black eye to their tale in Kael’thas is such a downer since it feels like the devs abandoned him and made him ugly seriously kills that spirit.

Vulpera are kind of similar, tiny and underestimated… though most people that pick Vulps have no savagery, they just get stomped in pvp since they picked the characters just to be fluffy. I can see why other horde people get upset in carrying their weight when they switch over.

RP aspects aside, play the game YOU want to play; only you can decide that at the end of the day.

I played Alliance this expac up until 8.2 but okay dude.

I mean, the closest to Vulpera for the Alliance is us, the masterrace, worgens !

I’m lucky insofar that I really like my Worgen and that Vulpera can’t be druids, so I didn’t face any dilemma. But even if Vulpera could have been druid, I’d almost certainly have stayed Alliance because I do enjoy my Worgen (Vulpera look a bit like Goblins with fur to me, though they have adorable faces) and, especially, because the few people I know in WoW are all Alliance.

It’s also a little lame to join the bandwagon and the winning side that is favored by the devs. It’s admittedly understandable (being a game and all, not something of any real importance where moral choices actually matter), but still, I think I’d rather quit WoW than rewarding Blizzard with more money for creating the problem in the first place.

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My advice: stay with the faction you enjoy.

There’s a reason why I don’t play Alliance:
I have very limited time and thus my Gold and resources are very scarse.
Imagine spliting that over two factions.

Every time one of my Horde toons needs enchants or gold the others can provide it.
That wouldn’t happen if any of them would be Alliance.

Now if you can afford to invest more time, than by all means go for it.
Play both factions, there’s a achievements behind playing both factions.

I had that similar experience during Vanilla.
I was fascinated by the Night Elves and their architecture, while my RL friend was playing Horde.
I wanted to roll a NE hunter, which I did until level 30 before deleting her permanently to open room for more Horde characters.

Today I play a BE hunter.

I hope that helped.

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