Black Screen of Death after latest update


Whatever you changed in the latest update is causing a random Black Screen on my setup.

This can happen at any time; e.g. as soon as I log into the world, or even 20 minutes later in the middle of a fight.

Everything keeps working; I can still hear my music playing in the background, but the screen never returns unless I restart. Tab Switching and Ctrl-Alt-Del don’t help.

-Windows 7 SP1 (DirectX11)
-Nvidia GTX 980Ti
-HDMI Monitor
-Windowed FullScreen
-Happens both in Full and Lowest graphics

And, no, I’m not sharing any more information; figure it out yourselves. I was looking for an excuse to cancel my subscription anyway.


I am also having this issue and have posted my own thread to which Blizz have not responded.

Can we please get some customer service? The game is unplayable and you guys not responding to complaints is disgusting. If I lodge a complaint with a company such as O2 or someone similar, I am usually directed to help pretty soon. We can go days on end without hearing anything from you. It is disgusting customer service from a large warning company such as yourself.


Good morning Tisis,

I would suggest you are going through the steps from this article here as you are not mentioning any steps that you might have tried already.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?


Why have you not responded to my thread, which listed a similar issue?