Blacklist Ten Storms

Nobody wants to play with a ninja! Post picture/prof and name/class/race/faction

I prefer pirates

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There is a warrior called “Mt” that has left my dungeon group halfway through TWICE now, I would advice avoiding that player. The first time he just left, the 2nd time he was mad we skipped ogres boss in LBRS (the skip all do) and just left.

Another player I would avoid is a rogue called “Skirius” or something, just extremly toxic player.

other then that pretty much everyone in big d crusaders is a no go for me, I avoid them all like the plague.

Mallefurion Druid

Stole epic recipe: Belt of the Archmage
Its cloth btw.


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“Angle” 60 Mage (Horde).
He is a scammer!
He sold SM Armory run for 5g/each, we was 3 members and he wiped 20% into the cave, he left the party and logged out.

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