Blackwater 67 Mins AQ is recruiting!

Blackwater is recruiting! 67 Mins AQ 25 MIN BWL

:arrow_forward: Who Are We?

We are a strong core of skilled raiders who know when to laugh and to be serious. We provide that perfectly balanced level just below those of hardcore guilds.

:arrow_forward: Our Achievements:

  • A clear time of 35 Mins in MC in Phase 2
  • A clear time of 25 Mins in BWL
  • 9/9 AQ Day 1, clear time 67 Mins

:arrow_forward: Raid Times:

Wednesday 19:30-23:00 ST (Main Raid Day)
Sunday 19:30-23:00 ST

:arrow_forward: What you can expect from Blackwater:

  • We use Loot Council in order to fairly distribute loot
  • An Officer and CL team that is as transparent as possible
  • A focused raid atmosphere
  • A competitive environment with speedruns and other events

:arrow_forward: Recruitement:

Exceptional players of all classes are free to apply, we value the person just as high as the class.

Especially looking for:

  • Heal Paladin
  • Hunter
  • Mage

:arrow_forward: More Information/How to Apply:

If you’d like more information please join our discord at, or write me directly tonka#1712

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