Blazing ingots on populated realms

I play on Horde Tarren-Mill and when I try to do the Blazing ingots world quest it usually takes about 40 minutes. There’s like way to few ingots that spawn and they also don’t spawn often enough. And when they finally do spawn it dissapears.

Blizzard should fix the spawn rate of the ingots like they did with souls because this is ridiculous.


I don’t think it’s a problem of population, it’s most likely something got screwed up in the patch, prior 9.0.5 i had no trouble with this quest.


Agree. Also a Tarren Mill player (like OP) and never had this issue. Haven’t done it post-9.0.5 so it’s likely an issue that’s happened because of the patch.

they aren’t personal anymore cause we need to waste even more time.


I thought it has something to do with warmode. Went it to check myself and holy crap blizzard why? I pretty much got to 4/12 ingots and said srew this.

thank blizzard improving your quality of life


I cannot get my head around how they think? How is this going to do anything other than Piss the player base off? Another pointless and vindictive change

I am beginning to believe that their intent it is destroy the game so Activision can close it down.


TRUE …this Q was fine but after this patch i found 4 and after 5 minutes looking for more of them i deleted Q :smiley:
and btw in ardewald is Q where you need to collect seeds and it’s the exact same nonsence they change it


With the EARLY sale of Shadowlands I have a sneaking suspicion Blizzard are trying to balance out the overall player activity with the drop in players…

i.e.- their logic is 10 players playing 1 hour each = 1 player playing 10 hours.

Or it could be an unintended ‘bug’ (meddling) with 9.0.5.



i hope it’s bug becuase i feel like they trying to force on use CLASSIC :smiley:
if i wanted to wait for Q 25 years i will go and instal classic

The only quest in the maw that i can stomach is the soul collecting ones, and that’s only due to the hyper spawnrates, and proximity to the main hub.
The day it will be “fixed” I’ll ditch the maw entirely.


They’ll ‘fix’ the weekly soul one next. Blizzard on a roll!!

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We’re working on a hotfix for this.

Once the hotfix is live, Blazing Ingots for “Acquisition: Blazing Ingots” and Animacones for “A Dangerous Harvest” will respawn quickly after a player has looted them.


So basically, they screwed up. Changed the loot method, without update notes, and added a too long respawn timer.


Good but why you change it? no one complained how it was in the first place, neither were broken WQs that took seconds. I don’t understand why you would mess with these quests.


Just fire Ion! Thanks.


It would be better to revert the change all together.


they are like hard trolling at this point and its not even aprils fool


Have to ask but what did the remaining playerbase do so wrong to make you at blizzard hate us so much and change the game so much to make it a chore and none fun .

Why not make quests shareable and cross faction tag like in MoP onwards why the massive change to WQs from legion and BFA when they were fun and i enjoyed doing them .

I feel like you want to close the game down and force players away now .


I agree with the most players. The best would be to just revert it back the way it was. Just why was such a change needed…it doesn’t make sense at all.