Blindside and Neurotoxin


Maybe rework or buff the blindside talent someday during BFA ?? blizz hello…

This talent is most underwhelming of all talents we got… it does literally zero dmg with 438 ilvl doing 15k crits into training dummy, considering it pointless to take since the other two are way more profitable. Or just make it baseline like it was since MoP ? Still missing this ability in my rotation to this day, without it, its such empty.

Nobody would ever took this since Release of BFA, yet still zero changes just like the pvp talent Neurotoxin you promised to fix in the next update, yet again… leaved to death.

Or maybe hire back class designers, they atleast care for each class they got.

(Vulrin) #2

Their not going to address the talents, blindside is a re-has of dispatch from pandaria/cata and used to be a baseline spell so weak or not their going to leave it rot. No comment on Neurotoxin, just a joke of a spell in general.

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