Blitz bg can't play to high mmr

I have not been able to play it since reset this week becouse my mmr gotten to big, remove mmr it’s not rated yet.

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no. try with an alt, and u will instantly notice the insane diff mmr makes, ive seen literal pack of afks and people sitting on bases they cannot cap on eots WITH the flag, like, they could go other side and cap and win, instead they sit on a neutral base till they lose, crazy af.

id rather wait and have somewhat a decent match, i normally have 20-30 mins, sometimes it gets to 1 hour, but please, lets put even rating on it and make people cap vaults, and see how many will join to play

I do plenty of alts que no problem, just on my dk i got high mmr can’t play on him.

Queue another dk then.

I was 2k mmr i woke up next morning and i was 1400 mmr again

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Mmr in blitzz is fraud. I join a match at 2k mmr and win and next match is 1500 mmr. Just make it rated alrdy

Horrible queue times @ 2k+ mmr - 40+ minutes during peak time…

suffering from success

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Rated MMR will likely be implemented in the last couple months of Dragonflight, reason MMR is scrambled is because we, the community are trying it out and delivering feedback to Blizzard, however I do think that Blitz should contribute with Vault.

In TWW ALL PvP items needs to be obtained from PvP vendors with PvP currency. Gear, enchants, gems and set pieces. Everything else will be FAILURE.

We had this amazing system in place since MoP. And they had to R A P E it and neglect it and destroy it for 10 years. Disgusting.

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