Blizz help my char is stuck

I tried to make an ingame ticket but with this new system it just keeps spinning around on “try the following” and never stops. And I can’t report on submit bug.
And on the select catagory I went to character stuck but… please just contact me. I wil lexplain.

My lvl 60 night elf druid on classic Zandalar Tribe got feared into a wall in Blackrock Mountain and got disconnected and now everytime I log in on only that character it instantly disconnects me. I went on my alts to report the bug but your ticket thing clearly has no suggestions for this problem and won’t let me past the “try the following” loading screen. Please help.

Edit: It’s resolved now, thanks blizz.

You could try deleting the character and then restoring it right away. I wouldn’t risk it personally but it’s available if you’re brave enough to try it lol.

Pretty sure you can’t restore chars in classic

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Have you tried contacting support on their website ( ) ?

I had the same problem today. Follow this link and it make ur char move to another spot :slight_smile:

I tried - you can restore. Character permanently deletes after about 1 month.

Nice they fixed it

My friend lost his 36 shaman and literally ragequit classic ( near release )

36 level it’s not so much, he can ez get this level for ~5 days. I have 4 characters from 25 to 42 level on a few realms) Anyway it’s nice experience to play different characters and fractions.

Just port Moonglade…

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