Blizz wake up afk epic bg bots

Everyday i need to vote same people all time that sits afk 24/7 epic bg start point, always the same names, please blizzard play ur own game and get rid of em, i play more then u i know whats going on but i need blizz to play their games to.

The guys that que 24/7 afk start point is bots btw just saying blizz sleeping.


There is the same AH bots sitting for years and they do nothing.


To bad blizz not playing their games, if blizz played epics they shoud know about epic bg bots, i can give a full list of bots and send to blizz i know em all they still don’t care lol.

small indi company you might get a line about how they are looking into making changes but then 5 years later nothing has happen :smiley:

I need to call out the same people almost every epic bg in the mornings, bots que 24/7 all time same names this is getting out of hand, blizz doing nothing.

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