Blizz you really need to fix this game

Season 1 wasn’t the best season but it wasn’t the worst. As everybody who saw the new talent system predicted, classes would have way too much power and it could cause huge problems for Solo Shuffle as the game would have too much crowd control and be far too quick. Which happened and PVP Participation lowered and you end up with 20-40 minute ques. You combatted this by allowing Solo Shuffle MMR to raise and allowed people to push for titles, illusions and transmog

I then remember you posting a blue ticket stating that you are looking to incentives healers, alluding to slowing down the game and reducing crowd control.

If you then analysis what you did in 10.1, you literally did the opposite.

You reduce the baseline crowd control of some spells in PVP and increase others which I guess is kind of a step in the right direction… Some Stuns / Micro CC could of used pruning or putting on similar choice node to lower CC as a whole but hey no problem…

You then began to lower the effectiveness of Kicks would I could only assume was to improve the life of a healer? however at the same time you then added precognition to every single caster which meant that kicks were naturally weaker and if you faked them, the casters bascially gets heroism and cc immunity?

Doesn’t take a genius to understand that is extremely unhealthy for the game… specially when you’ve designed casters main source of damage output to be instant cast, and given the other spells extremely fast cast time… I mean the only cast now that exceed 1.5 seconds are Greater Pyro, Soul Fire, Sniper Shot and a hard casted Pyro?.. The rest are 1.5 seconds or less…

We also then look at the fact you changed the trinket bonus to now grants 25% increase damage for DPS instead of reducing the effects of crowd control and granting stamina???

So let me get this straight…

  1. You reduced some Crowd Control baseline but due to the trinket change, essentially buffed all other Crowd Control?
  2. You stated you would slow down the game but then flat increase everybody damage by 25%?
  3. You reduce the effectiveness of Kicks, whilst granting all healers / casters precognition?

All I see here is you main it even worse for healers but extremely good for casters? Now don’t get me wrong you’ve give some melee absolutely meme level capabilities I.E Ascendance enhancement, Sub Rogue 1 shot and you still have warriors having 100% up time with near unhealable damage… however you pair 2 casters together and you’re in for a treat…

I really… strong believe…

  • Precognition should be removed from DPS specs and only usable as HEALER specs.
  • Casted Crowd Control such as Clone, Fear, Polymorph, Hex, Sleep, Repentance and any other I’ve missed should NOT be effected by Haste mechanics. They should all be given a 1.7 second cast and should remain at that.
  • PVP Talents need a strong redesign and perhaps abandoned with the spells being added into choice nodes within the talent tree. they don’t fit the new talent system anyway and often overloaded specs with power. Example being Balance druids having access to High Winds and Owlkin Adept making Cyclone even stronger than it is and would make an awesome choice node within the talent tree for both PVP and PVE.
  • The trinket set bonus effect needs to be lowered to 15% main state, giving everybody a 10% nerf to damage to slow the game down with some other classes receiving tuning
  • Crowd Control needs to be pruned or at the very least become a choice node… Stuns and Micro CC seem to be the biggest problem and when you list the amount of stuns each spec has now it’s absurd…
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