Blizzard, can you please do something about BG bots?

Currenly on Horde side there are at least 5 low geared bots in every battleground, making it almost impossible to win. The bots have 2-3k gs and seem to only exist to give advantage to the alliance side who have almost no bots.
What is the purpose of these bots? Its not gold farming because you can’t make gold by PvPing. It almost seems like alliance are flooding the horde queue with their alt bot accounts to get easy wins on their mains. Something needs to be done.

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I laughed at the 2004 “horde vs alliance” narrative but commented to mention that you can buy epic gems with honor, so indeed there is a lot of gold to be made by botting in pvp.

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Yes, you can buy lvl 70 epic gems that are worse than lvl 80 green gems. Thy cost like 50 silver in gehennas AH, not much money to be made from them.

Without trying to sound like i’m being rude, do you play much wotlk?

You can buy epic 80 gems for honor.

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You’re right, good to know. But still, the gems cost 20K honor each, you can only buy 3 if you’re honor capped, and thats like what, 300g? Pretty sure you can make more by botting mana tombs.

The red ones were ca. 250g each last time I checked. Orange around 180g each, so 1260g for capped honor.

you forgot to do the math for honor per hour!

They are doing it to get honor and buy gear for dungeon gold farming, because it is the easyest and cheapest way for them to get high-ilvl gear required for most dungeon gold farms (they can’t farm botanica or other instances naked, need some gear for it :grinning:)

Can they do something? Of course they can.
Will they do something? Absolutely not.


I just played a game where 9 out of 15 players were bots with 12K hp. We were alliance and the bots were all trying to go stand at farm as one big group.

Seriously Blizzard, can you please fix this? Battlegrounds are completelty unplayable at the moment.

They don’t do anything, they don’t even care, it’s still making money.
Anyway, they don’t have anyone to deal with such matters anymore. Complete offices were abolished, where miraculously the customer service people worked, including those who checked the reports.
Nowadays only the AI ​​GM is left, which only understands keywords, but who will not investigate a BOT and ban it.
It can actually only punish verbal things, because there it is enough if it recognizes the key words. So if you say bad words to someone, you will be punished (you can definitely get a warning, I already received one xD), but if someone uses a BOT program or does something against the rules, it doesn’t bother anyone anymore.

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