Blizzard customer support are amazing

(Kbire) #1

we are trying to promote my guild.

new players who wants to level on guild member gets free one bag per day in bank tab and 100 gold.

some guy abused the system and created 15 characters and withdrawal all the bags that was meant for new players leveling in realm, so i was forced disable invites, so i could only invite players as gm

Blizzard within few seconds restored all bags and gold.

1st time in my life i get to talk GM blizzard made my day.

Blizzard customer support are amazing, just to let you guys know.

(Punyelf) #2

It’s great to hear you could get that sorted.

(Krillsey) #3

They are absolutely!..

What’s left of them.


I agree, luckily I rarely had to contact a GM in my 10 years of WoW, but every time they were helpful and nice.


the other day i made an in game ticket about an issue I had - got a tell and conversation from a GM after like 2 mins !


I mean majorely disagree with OP but hey, cant speak my mind :))

(Aldru) #7

Meanwhile I lost my entire guild bank contents and had everyone kicked by an officer going nuts back in Uldir. Got told they’d do nothing.

But in all fairness that has been the only time I had terrible support /shrug.


Most of the times they were awesome .

(Dankdestiny) #9

I was having trouble with my credit card so I couldn’t play wow (for w/e reason I couldn’t enter my 7 digit post code because the field only accepted 6 characters), the GM gave me 5 days free game-time while I tried to figure out how to pay for wow.

Damn right I left a positive review.


Glad there’s some positive experiences with them. Last 2 tickets I opened had over 24 hours wait. 1 I eventually solved myself with a lot of mr. Google and the other I got a rather generic answer that had little to do with my question.

When one of my accounts got suspended in Legion for using an addon that somehow broke their ToS (no real clear explanation given, an addon downloaded off Twitch, so had no reason to think it was dodgy) when I finally got through to a GM, I was told that he could see I hadn’t really done anything wrong, but the team that deals with bans wouldn’t overturn it, as they didn’t have the resources to properly investigate. Think I still actually have the email somewhere for that one…

Yes, it’s a touchy subject for me…

(Dejarous) #11

Glad they gave you such good service.

I rarely make tickets and generally they’ve been fantastic. Last couple they’ve been awful, just ticking boxes to get you out of their hair. Seems a shame.

(Chornoboh) #12

For me most of the time they really haven’t been able to help me, but that is due to Blizzards restrictions. They answer in time and politely and that is good enough. It is a real shame Blizz doesn’t give them more tools to handle cases.

(Vintoleth) #13

i guess like everything, there are good ones and bad ones. a friend had a disgusting experience with a few recently (1 issue, but it kept getting bounced between gms’). they basically told em to quit the game and that they didn’t want them to sub. i am going to look at the mails sometime and then will consider if its worth reporting those gms. the replys were absolutely disgusting.

and i personally have had them lying to my face, and/or being completely unknowledgeable about my concern recently, and also a terrible interaction during the MoP prepatch, where i was also told basically go unsub, we dont care. (it was a tech issue, dongles, not an ingame issue).

i think blizzard is so hit and miss atm. you have terrible representatives like Ion and Lore, but then you have amazing designers for the art and music. stupid ideas being put in like azerite gear, but amazing quest lines like the blood elf heritage armor.

the same will be with gms. me and my friends have had terrible ones recently, you had a good one. at least some still exist.

i dont know who he was, but i will never forget the GM who helped us in Mana Tombs in late TBC because there was a bug where the large void elementals feared you into the walls, then you fell through the world and counldn’t res.

fast response (minutes), solved the issue, actually one shot the mob for us so he wouldn’t fear us again! and we got a funny joke and him dancing for us!

i hope there are still more staff like him and your guy in blizzard percentagly wise.


don’t see why they should have given you back your stuff, you let the person do that by not controlling your guild matters or guild settings. Your fault, your mistake … utterly fail to see why they should have interfered there. To me, that’s not what customer services should be doing

(Kbire) #15

there was 1 stack withdrawal per day, it was meant for new players bags.
im on horde ravencrest, which has barely any players, guild desperate for players.

now i have disabled member invites to avoid such vile act.

so who has this much free time plan to create 20 accounts to take all bags meant for new players leveling in guild. to encourage players to level there.

taking things in granted

(Stulxyma) #16

Glad to hear this all got sorted! I’ve passed on your message to the Game Master that handled the case too :wink:

(Retributor) #17

Dont let psychos be officers

Didnt you just violate his privacy ?how did you know his account name ,ticket reason ,chat transcripts ?etc?




I think GMs are very professional. I’d love them even more if they agreed to move 5 of my mounts to my main account. Its possible and it’d take 10 minutes of your time.

(Brigante) #19

To be honest, all of my contacts with Blizzard’s customer service (Even when I got hacked and my character deleted!) have been handled with professional courtesy, and an affable tone as well. They actually really nail it when it comes to personal interaction. I have a really old PC, It’s a valiant old trooper, but it does struggle at times, and then one day, it just couldn’t load WoW! This was during BfA and was a major disaster, I’m GM of my Guild and was supposed to be running a DM’ed event that night! Arrrgh! What do?

So I opened a ticket, within an hour, a GM got back to me and went, “I’ve looked at the Diagnosis files you have sent me, and here are some suggestions, I have sent them to your email, as obviously you can’t get in-game” They’d taken the time to work out ten possible solutions for my problem, 9 of which didn’t work, but the 10th -did-

They did this whilst being patient with me and the fact that I’m fairly old as the WoW demographic goes, and not the most Techno-Savvy, so explaining it step by step.

I even emailed them back saying, “look, who’s your boss, I want to send some glowingly good feedback about your help!” but sadly they never got back to me.

I have consistently found the GM’s to be courteous, personable, and well informed. As someone who has worked in the industry all I can says is “That’s Customer Service doing it -Right-”

(Áranaría) #20

So you would be one of those who would have told him to suck it up I assume sorry what? Clearly someone did something malicious and it was dealt with by a rep who understood the situation and helped them out. God forbid you ever have any issues in game along these lines and ask for help because if that’s the kind of attitude you seem to think is acceptable to display on a thread saying thank you to a person that helped someone I hope they do not help you if your put in the same situation.

Sorry that’s the kind of negative stuff that annoys me massively when people have to shoot down anyone’'s good experiences from a customer service point of view because they think things should be done a certain way. How sad.