Blizzard customer support are amazing


If they only were that effective passing feedback from class design to developers and class designers. Hopefully people who’s job it was got sacked few weeks back.

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Water is wet. We’ve obviously made changes since then, including in the officer team.


I also enjoy the end of conversation Jokes.


Huh? We log in to forums with our account log in, ofc blue posters can see who we are :rofl:

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In Violation of eu rules

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My expeirences with GM’s has always been very positive. ALways helpful :slight_smile:

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Blue posters have access to some of your account information on the forums. In a few cases, they do need that information to be able to do their job. However, they can’t see specific things like passwords and such (no Blizzard employee can).

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Seeing a users account name/ID (basically Btag) is not violation of the EU rules what are you smoking and can I have some.
If they could see your social security ID, address etc then yes, it would be. But they can’t, so no, not in violation.


“Violation of privacy” good god I’m in tears

Get a life


Why not hide ur husband ?


I remember when it was the norm to wait for 3 or more days to get a ticket answered so the response times have greatly improved. Just a thought, but how about red posters for a change instead of blue ones cough bias cough :stuck_out_tongue:

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To be partial i found they react quite quickly, each time we made well constructed complain either for a class feedback or a bug it’s been fixed fast.


What addon was it?


Some feral druid dot/bleed timer. Never really got an answer what it did that was against their ToS. It just somehow triggered their guardian software, which automatically triggered a 6 month suspension. Best part is, I deleted the addon within 2 hours of installing it as I didn’t like it.

A front line GM looked at it briefly and said he saw no in-game behavior that would warrant a ban, but that he couldn’t deal with the matter. He forwarded the matter higher up the chain, got a message back saying they didn’t have the time/resources to look at it, so sit out the ban or make a new account.

When I replied to that asking what kind of customer service that was and asking if they were going to refund the 2 months of game time I’d just added to the account, I was literally told not to bother them again and that my account/email had now been flagged and any messages received from them would be automatically ignored and deleted for the duration of the suspension.

This happened not long after a big ban wave (the one where Blizzard lost their court case against a certain bot maker and decided to do some Spring cleaning with far longer suspensions than usual). Might have something to do with it, maybe the department in question was just overworked from that, but still not an excuse…


You do know their company own your account not you? You pay to rent it really… and if you don’t pay or get banned… then you lose it for a while.

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Sounds like a case of them being over worked with the botting issue potentially. Still think the way you had been dealt with if as you say you where innocent of any wrong doing is really bad customer service but then again Blizzard is not exactly a public facing company in a traditional sense so they can get away to an extent with what other companies can not do so.

Whatever triggered Guardian was clearly very dicey I’ve only had it go off once in the 11 years of play and that was because I had Cheat Engine running and I did not log in I logged out and shut it down and then restarted the issue was gone from that point. My assumption is that because you used the add on and I say this from the point of view of knowing how Warden behaves that if you proceeded to go into the game and it tracked suspect activity it would have flagged your account for investigation then the rest followed.

The thing with it is that if it is triggered it will be a air tight shut case of them seeing what you had running and if Warden had cross checked and seen whatever the add on was as suspect it would have led them to check some other things then it would be a no turning back or appeal ban.

That must have been really off putting when it happened to you but I guess they stuck to policy and did not want to hear you out. This leads me to suspect that at times they do go deaf when it suits them. Sad state of affairs.


Lol, i had a similar thing happen and after they wiped the entire guild bank with thousands of gold of BoEs stolen i was told hard luck.

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Blue poster passes on appreciation for a job well done.

Your response is “violated his privacy! GDPR!!! Pandas suck. Get off my lawn!”

So reasonable.


If said suspension is warranted, which in my case it wasn’t as confirmed by a lower ranking GM who’s hands were tied to help me, as much as he wanted to, but his ‘boss’ pretty much told him not to touch it anymore.

Considering said account had been in perfect standing since Wrath (as my Vanilla account got hacked and deleted way back when, but that’s a different story entirely and was another case where, possibly the same department, failed abysmally).

I won’t judge all GM’s harshly, have encountered some very nice ones over the years and there was a day when tickets got answered within minutes…


Weird. I have never had anything go wrong in 12 years of boxing wow myself… never had a blue whisper me for anything other than an issue I had with a character transfer or something like that.