Blizzard customer support are amazing


Like I said, the first GM I talked to was nice and very willing to help me, but he didn’t have the authority to restore my account. He went into my history, looked at what I did in the time their software was triggered and concluded nothing was amiss, just somebody above him couldn’t be bothered and cut him out of the loop.

Never denied having installed the addon and cooperated all I could with them. Addon was downloaded from Twitch, which I would treat as a trusted source. Quite happily showed the first GM where to find said addon on Twitch, so it could be dealt with. As far as I was concerned, it was just a simple set of DOT timers.

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Sure they are, if you manage to contact them.

Had a problem with one of the achievements in WotLK dungeons, opened a ticket without much hope of a result, in 15 minutes a chat was opened by a GM, I was told to rerun the dungeon and see if the problem reoccurs (it did), then the GM (patiently waiting for me to clear 80% of the dungeon) tried to manually reset the boss position (it seemed like the problem was the boss spawning below the floor level), and when that didn’t work the GM kindly reassured me he’ll pass the problem to the programming dept. and that worked! In a week or two the bug was fixed!

So yeah, all you have to do is find an alive CS worker…


I have to agree. from what experience I have with Customer support, I have nothing but praise. I got hacked once a few years back, they deleted and sold all my gear and everything I had in my bank and deleted some of my characters. I got in touch with a GM and he restored everything but the stuff I had in my bank, so that is the only thing I lost, I got to keep the gold I got from the hacker vendoring my things. It did take a couple of hours or so, but I did get everything or mostly everything back.


That’s unusual, but nice to hear


Havent dealt with gm’s in ages. but years back when i got hacked by those goldsellers that were ruining the game back then, i quickly got everything back. But from what i heard the waiting time for your ticket has increased 1000% over the years.


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That’s weird though, I’ve had multiple instances where a GM just logged my account to do some stuff ( Without asking me for info, just permission ), Always was interested in how they do it without knowing our user/pass.


Yeah. Sure they fix it. From their perspective. Has game gotten better after each patch? No. People are quitting. Because gameplay and class design is bad. Its just that simple.

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I dunno for me it’s way better than it was at launch back this summer of bfa honestly but i hear ya.

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Their accounts likely have the ability to “log in as” you without needing your password. That is called masquerading, and its a feature of more advanced admin tools in software systems. They are still logged in as themselves, but are able to pretend to be you temporarily with your permission.

Some of the software I’ve built for my job have that feature :slight_smile:


Blizzard tech support are great. I have logged tickets over the years and the game masters have always been able to help me and resolve my problems first time round. I love the fact that they log into a character and come to you so you can show them your issue. Brilliant Blizzard Support!!!

Just don’t ask the for help on the forums because it is just littered with toxic clueless people who just wastes time explaining why your problem is your own fault and that is the way the game works. When the solution to your problem was as simple as logging out, deleting your cache folders and logging back in again. If you just logged a ticket in the first place a game master would have fixed it for you in his first attempt.

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Somebody didn’t pay attention during the GDPR presentation.

Having said that, I don’t blame you, it’s boring as hell.

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and what about the almost dozen or so gm’s me and my friend talked to that didn’t treat us like valued customers or flat out lied to us?


Ya gonna give any proof of that… or are you just flat out lying to us ? :wink:

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that was mine, where i dealt with 4-5 gms.

i also had an issue back in the MoP prepatch where blizz stopped surpporting dongles, which had been useable for at least 6 years. (side note, can you use a dongle now?) the gm then basically told me get a landline or quit. i quit for 2 years.

my friends issue i dont feel right posting specifics about it without their permission, but from what they told me, the replies were disgusting. they have kept the replies.

so in answer to your question…not lying. theres your proof. (unless this is just light hearted humor. so hard to tell in this day and age) :frowning:

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Well I recently asked to be awarded a toy from the coliseum on my horde recently as it seems since 8.1.5 if you do one side, you are rewarded the toy for the other faction too.
I opened a ticket and got the toy I was supposed to get.
I told my friend, and she did it too, and then the GM she dealt with offered her a Brightpaw store battle pet out of the blue. :thinking:
So yeah I’m so glad I gave tips to my friend and got nothing for it. :rage:

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