Blizzard hears our requests. (Layering special)


Layering needs to be removed from the game. I know there are camp’s out there that talk up layering as a real plausible solution to a number of issues but the less said about that the better if you ask me.

Remove it from your plans because we are asking you to do so and you listen right?

Why is having the current system:

Server 1: Layers 1,2,3,4,5,6 and people can move between them with a small easily worked around cool down a better idea than.

Server 1: Layers 1,2,3,4,5,6 and people pick the layer they want to be assigned to and can’t move until layering is gone ‘in only a few weeks’


They will.
Before phase 2.

Are we done? yes? good.

(Shogath) #3

They only listen to logical and reasonable stuff, not to illogical requests for chaos.

If you get allergic reactions from witnessing layering effects (if there even are any) may i suggest you wait a few weeks before jumping in the game.

It’ll be over before you know it.


layering is not something they are willing to bend on. They stated they going with it and obviously not going to back off. So well its kinda pointless to talk about it…


Welcome to the thread lads. Shogath, surfer long time no see.

Yeah it needs to be removed before phase 1. We are not done yet.


I have kinda gotten used to the idea Layering will be in for a while, especially if they have a low server count. I just hope its more intelligent than we think it is.

(Cedrad) #7

I’m quite certain that layering will be gone after first month. All you need is just a population to stabilize. And not everyone login in the exact same time in the exact same spots. It will be at launch wheter you like it or not. Just because they listen to the community doesn’t mean they will do everything community asks. Also layering is a result of listening to the community. People didn’t want sharding so Blizzard came up with something less dynamic but still something that helps with a lot of launch problems.


With the number of servers they’re launching with, removing layering is simply not an option…


How many servers they launching with?


8 in China… EU-EN will definitely not have more than that.


The rumor is 8 realms per region.


Can i ask you guys since you seem interested. If server numbers are an issue why not lock X amount of layers on 1 server instead of having them in the proposed format?

To clarify, why not have mini servers inside a server that you are assigned to and then at the end of the layering phase they squish?


Wait 2-3 weeks before you start to play and pick a low server or wait until phase 2.


So you want me to not play the game because it’s being designed poorly?

You think layering has been designed well?


For Launch It has, After though? Eh


Then you didn’t watch the beta then because it got slammed during testing. The only rebuttal anyone had for how bad it was kind of went like “beta layering is not live layering”

It objectively has not been designed well, it’s been exploited all over reddit and youtube. To say it has is to me nothing more than a lie.

I asked this a few minuted ago.

If layering has been designed well can you explain how having locked layers instead is objectively worse than the current implementation.


Blizzard has said it has worked to fix the exploits caused by Layering, increase the player count (It was set very low to test it during the beta) I think tonight you will see a different version of layering.


i would love it if you could answer this please

edit: Aaaaaaand he’s disappeared. If anyone can answer that question that would be great.


Because Blizzard have made an executive decision to use a layering system in the current format.
Like it, hate it, don’t care less it makes no difference what we as players think, the developer has made a choice and that’s how they want to roll with it.
As long as it resolves some of the initial issues for Phase 1 with vast numbers of players all starting and playing in the same area it will be deemed a success.


So having layers people can move around in is better than locked layers “Because”.

Like they made a choice with language servers? rp-pvp servers? never bringing vanilla back? Killing Falstad Wildhammer?