Blizzard, i don't want YOU to be my developers!

Completly dead wsg ques outside wsg weekends. ABs the same. Yet Av played by honor farming zombie bots.
I dont say old pvp system was perfect. And despite “mafia” like practicism, it was still better than zombies r14 farmers nowdays.


It is much worse that population of WoW Classic is diminishing. Ppl who don’t want to see this sh___t leave WoW Classic. Forever.
This is not pvp what happening on Battlegrounds this is stupid grinding. It’s not PvP


We need nostalrius or another private server where the developers actually care about world of warcraft.

At this point I’d rather play a shady private server like elysium with shenna & friends, doing € behind closed doors than playing on blizzard server where bots are seen everywhere.


Sadly, that train already left the station long ago, yet should have used a completely different track.
Whoever said that honesty pays, doesn’t know anything about this world.

P.S: Shenna’s bag has probably become an alligator one by now…


was already looking for private server with instant 60 and bgs only with blizz-like vanilla mode. But either not anough players there or they have also some shady shops to get items for money etc. I just dont wanna relevel again as I wanna play only bgs. On ERA I still raid sometimes but after all those changes I dont wanna anymore spend time for game that always change mechanics(economical due goldselling or bots, in game mechanics like chronoboon or pvp patches changes or kitting griefers bosses ‘‘fixing’’ game for lazy comfortists etc) just to comfort majority of afkers and bots. It just feels always as waste of time invest so much energy for the game they always change to crap. So or so hope some private server will rise with proper like vanilla ‘‘ruleset’’ patch with stabilized population and zero changes. Till that I might stay on ERA or not.


Nostalrius was great! They were not developers but they did not allow to exist such amount of bugs and cringe sh___t gold selling!

Unfortunately private sever will not rise :frowning: It is good if resurrected Nostalrius appears with restored files and profiles at the moment of the time when it was closed. I will join such server


blizzard please sell rank 14 gear at shop, i can pay 10x sub for it, trying to grind it waste of time. It is not related to being good player or not, it is just time dependand as it used to be.

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here we go again another waaaa waaa post even tho all of u bought gold :stuck_out_tongue:

being a good player bro classic never been about a good player most people in classic can’t even play the game itself they suck so hard

We wanted to come up with a framework that would help guide us. And first and foremost, really, is authenticity as our goal.
We want to create an experience that feels just like 2006 World the Warcraft.
We understand that that is a key part of the experience and anything that might threaten to undermine those dynamics is something that we need to be very suspect about and again use authenticity as our guide.
Even if it might seem minor at a glance those small changes could have large ripple effects that would change the way players related to the world and to each other.

Finally we really had this one 1.12 data that we’ve been able to restore and we viewed that as it almost sacrosanct.
That’s everything from, you know, the world and the quest lines and the stories, to individual player abilities, creature health, tuning and so forth.
There’s some changes in code and in architecture in the way the client responds to the server and vice versa that if we let stand, using the modern structure, might have caused this data to produce a different result when it comes to things like game balance and we definitely worried that if we ever felt like the result was different in a way that compelled us to crack this open it would very much be like opening Pandora’s box.
Because the second we start to substitute our modern judgment to solve problems from 12 years ago, we are deviating from our goal of a historical recreation of the game as it was, and making something different… and that’s something we want to avoid.

source: Ion Hazzikostas’s entire segment from Blizzcon 2018 panel “Restoring History - Creating World of Warcraft: Classic” -

TL;DR: gO bAcK tO rEtAiL


My dude, you OWNED them.
Thanks for that post, I remembered it but was too lazy to look it up myself.

I’m saving your post.

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or unsub heard of that? :stuck_out_tongue: if u don’t like a product don’t pay for it

Not a constructive comment, and the argument goes both ways, we could change everything back to how it should be, and then you are the one to unsub if you don’t like it.

But anyway yes, as far as I am concerned, unsubbing is in the cards indeed.

The argument is simple, u are simping over a game from 2004. That none gives anything about anymore, the improvements to classic era has only been good, think many people are happy with chronoboon and crossrealm cluster play so realms weren’t dead. But hey let’s talk about the pvp system then are u rank 14?

I’ll share with you a reply I gave to another player with your same mindset:


Turok, it seems this post has been “unlisted” by Blizzard. Your comment quoting their own promises back then really triggered them hard :slight_smile:

(And probably the title of the post didn’t help)


They promised us original experience. But now what they do makes game worse than it was before. And topic is unlisted now…


Unlisting it is just a child whim because the truth hurts, but if people want to forget it let them.
But even a dog, when its tail is stepped on, bites.
And this just happened…

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