Blizzard please help Bloodfang server!

Bloodfang server population is 72% Alliance vs 28% Horde.
Four major Horde guilds are planning to migrate to another server before Phase2 arrives (4 weeks), this means that the server will become a ghost town Horde sided. The Horde players left behind will not be able to get a pug or a group for dungeons, leading them to quit the game aswell.

Not everyone will migrate for sure, but in my guild people that will not migrate have announced that they will quit the game if the guild leaves.

This problem could be easily fixed if Blizzard could merge Bloodfang with another server.


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They will not help your server. Just like they haven’t helped the dozen or so servers this has happened to and just like they’re not helping the other servers going down this route.


Playing bloodfang as well and from horde side the server has been pretty much dead for last 4-6 weeks, one can’t simply find dungeon groups on week days and barely on weekends.

I don’t think Blizzard will take any actions on dying servers has they haven’t done in the past. I have already started leveling character on Gehennas which seems to be one of the few servers which actually have healthy player base on both sides e.g bloodfang has about 600 horde players whereas gehennas has 6000.

I’m pretty sure the only solution is paid character transfer and many of my friends has pretty much quit already and some has said they rather quit than paying hundreds of euros to transfer multiple characters. As an example I have 5 characters which I would be transferring.

I’m okay with paying whatever to be able to play the game but the most worrying issue I have is the character transfer cd which is 90 days which is really high if as an example after month or so one realizes the server is too populated or if transfering to some other server just to find out is as dead as the one you left from 3 months is really long time to wait to be able to find healthy server


is phase 2 coming in 4 weeks?

Phase 2 is starting this week on PTR, so people are assuming that Phase 2 will be live on the end of august.

They don’t give a f about imbalanced and / or dying servers.

Pay up chump




also, srry to hear abour ur realm dying… just transfer away. nothing else to do about it really.

This could be easily fixed because almost all unballanced servers are Horde sided, and Bloodfang is Alliance sided…

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But how would Blizzard profit from merging servers? The answer is they wouldn’t. The paid character transfer on the other hand…
Face it, this game and retail is about one thing and one thing only: milk you for as much money as possible.


Ofc they would, if they care about to keep player Subs active… There are many people that will quit that are not willing to pay a transfer


Perhaps it would be in their interest long term to merge servers, but short term pushing players towards paid transfers is the way to go. 1 transfer is worth 2 months of subbing, and I’m fairly sure more players would opt for a character transfer than to abandon a character they’ve put a lot of work into.
The only thing that matters to Actiblizzard is the next quarterly earnings report, whatever happens after that is an issue for the future. They want your money NOW, and the best way to get as much of your money NOW is to not merge servers.


Very sad truth!

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Bloodfang horde is fine. I play there. Don’t send help. Bye.

I’d love of Deadstorms was merged with Bloodfang.

You will soon play alone in a ghost town…

You have to convince blizztard how great we have it in Bloodfang with some fake story.
Then they might merge/free transfers to ‘ruin’ your fun.
Cause that’s all they do lately.
Never help, and #nofunallowed

At least you are not on Blood fang PvP EU.

I bet Blizzard have the technology to transfer everyone with a finger snap, but they want you to pay for it. Otherwise Megaserver wouldn’t have had layers upon layers available.

Blizzard not going to do nothing for free


This was going to happen at some point. The moment server transfers were announced in classic, it was obvious that further down the line the servers would suffer. Blizzard just want your transfer ££ and don’t care about what happens to any server in the slightest. In fact they probably encourage you to pay to move too because then they get even more money!

But I am on Bloodfang PvP EU.